Hey everyone! Please, please, please don’t hate me for not posting for the past 6 months :S This has been a super looooooong semester at uni (thankfully I only have 1 semester left now) and I’m also kind of stuck on what to write about. Honestly I have so much skincare stuff sitting in my … More Stuck

Missing In Action

Hey guys! I’m so sorry it’s been nearly 2 months since my last post (and probably even longer since my last decent post that was worth reading, let’s be honest). I don’t even know if anyone has still stuck around to see when my next post will be up but if you have then thank you … More Missing In Action

Giveaway Ended

Good morning everyone, Unfortunately the giveaway I posted a couple of weeks ago to win some full size Body Shop mango products had no entrants, despite leaving entries open another week, so today I’m officially ending the giveaway. 😦 I was just wondering if anyone had any hints and tips as to why this giveaway … More Giveaway Ended