One More Angel In Heaven

Unfortunately, my first proper blog post must be a sombre one. A YouTube favourite of mine (and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world), Talia Joy Castellano (taliajoy18) died yesterday, July 16th at 11:22am after battling with Neuroblastoma and pre-leukaemia. When Talia was just 7 years old she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She won the battle several times. Sadly, she relapsed a total of 3 times before her untimely death. In 2012, Talia was also told that the cancer had spread to her bone marrow and she had pre-leukaemia. The survival rate of those battling relapsing Neuroblastoma is only 30% while the survival rate of those battling both relapsing Neuroblastoma and pre-leukaemia is much lower but Talia kept fighting.

Talia inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with her courage, bravery and loving, joyful spirit. Her sister, Mattia, posted a video on Talia’s YouTube channel today entitled “Talia left her handprints and footprints on the world” in which she told of how her family will now attempt to accomplish everything that Talia wanted to have accomplished before she died. Talia’s bucket list actually has an entire photo album on the Facebook page “Angels for Talia”, where people can see her bucket list and post photos of themselves completing items on the list. Her fanbase is huge and people want to keep Talia’s legacy going by completing items on the list. For a young girl of only 13, she had already accomplished so much. In September 2012, during the premiere week of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Talia was invited to be a guest on the show after she had revealed that it was her dream to meet Ellen and do her makeup. She was made an honorary Covergirl and was even commissioned by Covergirl, in January 2013, to create YouTube videos in which she only used Covergirl products to promote the brand. As of July 17 2013, Talia currently has 882,825 subscribers and almost 250 videos on her YouTube channel. The amount of people she has inspired to “Just keep swimming” is incomprehensible. She always said “Makeup is my wig” but the truth is that she didn’t need a wig of any sort. She showed the world the true meaning of beauty. It’s a sad day for everyone who knew Talia or even just watched her videos. She was an amazing person who God has now taken under his arm.

“There’s one more angel in heaven. There’s one more star in the sky.”

R.I.P Talia. You will be forever missed and loved. “Just keep swimming”



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