E.l.f Makeup Brush Review

Back in May I purchased 3 brushes from E.l.f. After using them for the past 3 months, I can finally write a review on them.


The first brush I bought was the small angled brush (code no. 84010). I absolutely LOVE this brush. I particularly like using it to line my lower lash line with shadow or kohl eyeliner. The line it creates is so thin and the brush retains 98% of any shadow. I tend to find that with most kohl eyeliners leave a line that is too thick. The bristles, made from Taklon, are supremely soft and they don’t pull at your eye like some brushes can. All in all, a great brush.


The second brush I purchased was the original E.l.f fan brush (code no. 1824). I wasn’t overly impressed with it to be fair. The bristles are very scratchy and there was a lot of fall out with this brush. I found myself having to use twice as much product to get any effect at all.


The third brush I purchased was the E.l.f Studio fan brush (code no. 84004). In contrast to the other fan brush this was just as amazing as the small angled brush. Again, the bristles were made from Taklon, making the brush extremely soft on the skin. There was more fall out from this fan brush but that is to be expected. Didn’t need as much product on the brush as I did on the other fan brush and it gave a nice soft effect. I constantly use this brush to apply my blusher.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Studio fan brush and small angled brush to anyone looking for a great, and soft, brush which gives amazing results. I, personally, wouldn’t recommend the original fan brush but that’s just me. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not for some people.

Happy Friday folks! Enjoy your weekend.



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