SVU Starts Filming Season 15 TODAY!!

I absolutely LOVE Law and Order:SVU! Who doesn’t love a bit of Olivia Benson and crew? I’m currently watching EVERY episode of SVU there has ever been. I’m currently up to season 11. Here’s what I know. Stabler leaves at the end of season 12 (NO!!) and Danny Pino comes in to replace him as Detective Amaro. The best acted episode of all of the episodes I’ve seen has to have been episode 15 of season 9 “Undercover”. That episode is closely followed by season 5 episode 4 “Loss”. I couldn’t believe that Alex had to go into witness protection. I’m so glad she’s back busting perps beside Liv though. She has to be the best ADA the show has ever had. When Casey Novak first hit the scene, she seriously irritated me with how intrusive she was on the investigations. I grew to like her, almost as much as Cabot but not quite. I did like how harsh she was with perps though. She went too far on her last case and ended up suspended but that’s ok because I know we’ll see her again. The worst ADA had to be Sonya Paxton. From the moment she graced my screen to the moment she announced she was leaving to enter court appointed rehab I kept saying that someone needs to knock some sense into her (preferably Stabler). Kim Greylek was a good ADA, which I think was helped by her previous work in DC on violence against women, but she still didn’t come close to being the ADA that Cabot is. I couldn’t believe it when O’Hallaran was killed by Stuckie. He was the most thorough tech I’ve seen on TV (and I’ve watched up to season 10 of CSI!). I haven’t seen the season 14 finale yet but I have seen the last scene of it and all I can say is that Olivia better be alive! They started filming season 15 today and the first episode, which will be 2 hours long (YAY!!) will air on September 25th. You’ll probably get my breakdown of the premiere on the 26th.


Have a good Wednesday folks!



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