Thoughts on PLL 4×07

I hate being one to ruin something for people so if you don’t like spoilers, TURN AWAY NOW! You’ve been warned. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Ok, so, Pretty Little Liars. Who doesn’t love a bit of PLL? The episode that aired yesterday, “Crash and Burn, Girl” was awesome. I didn’t even feel like I had been watching for 45 minutes when it ended! How can I describe this episode? I think I’ll probably go with the phrase OMG!

Firstly, we all know Ashley Marin didn’t kill Wilden, I mean come on! Then Spence tells Hanna it would have been better if she had?! What is going on with Rosewood? Anyone else get a really strong hint that we know who A is and we met her in season 1? I’ll get into that a little later on. Who the hell is this Nigel Wright guy? I mean, really? Where did he come from? So, he works at a airport strip place and he’s the only real connection that Caleb and Toby could find to the night of the fire AND he was paid to fake a flight record. (Anyone else loving the Taleb action here?) Now what? Emily steals the key to Wilden’s place (WHAT!) so Aria, Spencer and her can ransack it. (Who would want to be near that creep’s apartment, let alone in it?) Mike is in so deep it doesn’t look like he’ll be let off, even though Connor has no evidence it was him, and then Ezra comes in and saves the day. (I like to think of him as a thinner and much cuter version of Superman in this episode.) Then, at the end, Pam almost gets mowed down by someone (we’re assuming A) who seems to have left a car, that looks an awful lot like Wilden’s, in drive. So, that’s the basic breakdown of the major elements of the episode. Now for the finer details and my own speculations.

A. Who is she? Well, if Toby’s right and it is a she, there are quite a few suspects. For me, the one who stands out most is Jenna. Let’s face it, in that scene with Nigel Wright those glasses that were sitting on the table looked an awful lot like ones that Jenna would wear. Then in that last scene, where A is writing out a gift certificate to Emily for a hardware store, did anyone else notice how almost childlike the writing looked? My logic: Jenna has only, technically, recently got her sight back. She even admitted to Shana that she’d have good days and bad days until she loses her sight completely, again. It’s possible that she is inexperienced at writing neatly after she’s spent so long typing with a braille key pad. Therefore, logically, A could possibly be Jenna, or she’s at least on the A team. People have been throwing out this idea of there being a B team. I don’t think so. I think, if there was a B team, A would have shot them down already.

Red coat? Man, is this a hard one to fathom. Every time we’ve seen red coat it’s difficult to work out who she is. Either she’s a blonde wearing an Ali mask or she’s wearing a blonde wig and an Ali mask or it is Ali. We know it’s possible she was pulled out of the ground where the police found her body but is she really still alive? I don’t know. I’m not entirely convinced to be honest.

Anyone else feel super sorry for Hanna? She hasn’t really spoken to her dad since he got married and now she has to live with him while her mom is in prison. Speaking of which, I think Hanna is right. Ashley has to plead guilty and claim self defence. It makes sense. They already have the tape that shows Wilden harassing Ashley before she ran him over. A self defence plea may earn her a more lenient sentence than 20 years. If she pleads not guilty at arraignment and the jury find her guilty of manslaughter she’ll get 20 years but if they find her guilty of murder she could go away for life, or worse.

Aria and Fitz need to hurry up and get back together. Screw Jake, even though he’s hot, and go back to Ezra, Aria! (I’m in desperate need of some good ol’ classic Ezria scenes.)

Emily is digging her own grave, and her family’s, with this whole key debacle. GIVE IT BACK EM! I felt like she really was underestimating A here. Why can’t these girls just be tempted to do something but not actually do it? (Of course there wouldn’t be a show but sometimes, just sometimes, it feels like it’s obvious they shouldn’t be doing things when they know A will be watching.)

Finally, Spencer. I didn’t feel like she got a lot of action this week. Last week was great, with the whole Ravenswood trip with Toby. Loved it when Spencer and Emily finally got over the tension at the start of the episode though. (We need more Spemily action! Not to mention team Sparia.)

Best quote this episode? For me it has to be from Ezra when talking to Hackett (ugh!) about him talking to Aria regarding Mike’s medication. “I can only imagine the can of worms that that would open if the parents found out.”

Officially cannot wait for next week’s episode. Loving this season so far. I don’t think I can say for definite which series has been the best so far but they’re all in close contention.

Happy Wednesday guys and gals!



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