Lush Ocean Salt Review

Lush’s Ocean Salt is an amazing facial scrub! The website says “When you think of a sea spray on your face, you can imagine the cleaning salt, the coolness and the freshness. We have tried to capture this in Ocean Salt – but without leaving you feeling dried out and tight, like the sea is prone to doing.” and Ocean Salt lives well up to it’s expectations.


I know a lot of people think the coarse sea salt is too rough on the skin but I, personally, just mix it all together (you end up with the perfect amount of coarse and fine sea salt every time). This stuff is so good at dealing with troublesome skin as it appears to act almost as a skin detox. It worked wonders on my oily T-zone and leaves my skin feeling so unbelievable smooth. Another plus, it smells heavenly. Although you can smell the salt in it (obviously!), it smells very citrus like. That’s probably due to the use of grapefruit infusion, lime juice, etc. All in all, LOVE this product! Best purchase I ever made and I will be repurchasing ASAP.

Happy Sunday folks!



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