Pretty Little Liars 4×08

Last night’s episode, “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”, has to have been the most aptly named episode of season 4 yet. SPOILERS AHEAD! TURN BACK TO AVOID SPOILERS!

So, to start with, Emily and Pam are now living in a motel, Ashley is refused bail, Veronica has a new assistant (hotness!) and Mike is now taking Martial Arts lessons (say what?!). Oh, and Mona’s back :O . And that’s just to begin with!

After last week’s fiasco with the car driving into the Fields’ front room Emily and Pam are now staying at a motel (am I the only one wondering if this is a good idea with A on the loose?). After Pam told Ems to focus on her future, we saw Emily talking with Ezra and then Zoe (NEW CHARACTER ALERT!). It’s good that these girls are still thinking about college and stuff despite A making their lives hell. I didn’t expect the writers to revisit the whole Emily losing Maya and running off to Haiti scenario but I loved the way they did it! Usually when the writers want to revisit a story line they’ll use flashbacks but I liked the idea of the characters just talking about it and sharing photos. It was such a shame when we saw Pam crying in her daughter’s arms when she was told her about Zoe writing Emily a recommendation letter for college. She’s not had the easiest life. First her husband gets sent off the fight in Iraq/Afghanistan, then she finds out Emily is a lesbian and she has trouble dealing with it, her husband is back from the war just long enough to say “Hi, I’m moving to Texas.” and they’re separated again before being dragged into A’s grip over her daughter and finally getting her house driven in to after having a close call with child services. (Whoa, if that was me I think I’d never want to get up in the morning!)

What can I say? Ashley in prison… Other than the fact that she actually suits an orange jumpsuit, I can’t believe she wasn’t granted bail. How the hell? Any idiot can see that Wilden was harassing her family so even if she had killed him it’s not like she did it in cold blood. Saying that, how stupid was Hanna? (Here’s where the title comes into play) Having Mona give her a little “Handbook” of how to lie and live a lie?! How could she think that she would be able to convince the police that she killed Wilden? All those times that Mona asked her about things that she said “I don’t know anything about that” to, I was just thinking “If you say that in interrogation they’ll want to know and they’ll be able to tell that you’re lying.” Then, when Hanna had to lie to Caleb about why Mona was there you could just tell that she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact she was lying to the cops. (Yay! Haleb scene! Even if it was tense) After all the prep that Mona put Hanna through, she went and confessed instead (granted, Mona is a way better liar than Hanna but still!). Talk about giving Veronica Hastings even more paperwork!

Speaking of Veronica, did anyone else think that Beckett was super hot! No but se (Yes! Another NEW CHARACTER ALERT!) No, but seriously, how much paper work can one department dump onto 2 lawyers?! Talk about busy! (Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living…) Spencer borrowing that report  from those boxes was a smart move on account of the fact  that she found out some juicy details that prove Wilden was bent from the start. On the other hand, I have to agree with Veronica when she says it is irrelevant. Honestly, the only thing it counts toward in court is a reference of character but it’s not what the defence need. Yes, they could use it to prove that Wilden wasn’t the cleanest cop but that’s about it and even if they did use it, the prosecution would just bring up his track record on the job. Anyway, moving on from the technicalities of the law, what’s going to happen to Ashley now? Will she be released? I hope so.

Mike Montgomery was MIA (anyone remember Mr Hastings? Where did he go too?) for a long time but he’s been back for a little while now (Yay!) and, apparently, now taking Martial Arts lessons. If I was in Aria’s position when Mike decided to go AWOL after a lacrosse match, I probably would have been going crazy! Then he called and said he wouldn’t be home after some guy (a “friend”) told Aria he was unconscious (what!!), if that was me I would have found out where he was and kicked his butt! Okay, maybe not, but he still should have told Aria where he was so she wasn’t so worried.

Honestly, I felt like this episode was kind of geared towards the parents and how they’re dealing with everything. What was A up to in the last scene though? Drilling a hole in the floor of what looked like it might have been Emily’s motel room? I smell another A trap. Anyways, definitely liked this ep, not sure if it was better than the last ep or just as good but I still really liked it (and there were TWO NEW CHARACTERS! TWO!).

Have a good Wednesday folks!



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