Lush Shower Gel Review

A couple of months ago I bought enough shower gel products to last a long time. 2 of those were Lush’s Dirty and Happy Hippy. I have been using each of these religiously since I bought them and I love them.


Happy Hippy is so fruity. I love the grapefruit scent and it’s not one of those shower gels that leaves you feeling like you haven’t washed it off properly. It left my skin feeling unbelievable smooth but I don’t know if I will repurchase. While I love the way it smells and the way it makes my skin feel, I feel like I’m constantly having to use twice as much as I usually would with any other product to get the same results. In my opinion, Happy Hippy deserves a respectable 7/10.


Dirty was slightly odd to begin with. A minty scent isn’t something I would usually associate with shower gels but, after I got used to it, I realised it was amazing. The spearmint oil (probably along with some of the other ingredients in Dirty) really made my skin super soft and I found that the scent actually helped to relax me after a stressful day at work (ugh, bosses). Absolutely love this shower gel and probably will repurchase this (if I ever get through the rest of the shower gels I own). Definitely worth 9/10.

Hope you guys have a good Friday and an awesome weekend!



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