Sorry guys…

Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while but it’s been a crazy couple of days so here’s a quick round up:

I got my exam results on Tuesday, as many other people did, and got an A and 2 Cs. What a rollercoaster! I literally went from crying for an hour and being really depressed to celebrating in a matter of minutes! I’ll explain. I was told I needed 2 Bs, at Higher, to get in to uni so when I saw I had an A and a C at Higher I thought I was screwed. Dumb old me, I forgot I also got a C at Advanced Higher! For those of you not in the know, in Scotland every grade is assigned a certain number of points depending on what level they are (Standard Grades, Intermediates, Highers and Advanced Highers), and the more points you have the more likely you are to get in to uni and, logically, the higher the grades you have. Of course, I forgot that getting a C at Advanced Higher gives you the same amount of points as getting a B at Higher (it’s complex, weird and completely insane the way this works, I know). So, when I was checking my UCAS Track page I saw a message saying congratulations, you’ve been accepted on your course! I thought these buggers were just having a laugh. I then proceeded to spend 30 minutes calling the university’s admissions office only to find out that it wasn’t a joke and I had, in fact, been accepted. The first thing I did? Scream “Yes”! My mum came running through wondering what was going on! September 2013 I start uni! Finally, 2013 is actually starting to shape up.

So, have been busy with that for the past couple of days. Had to go shopping for normal kitchen stuff for uni because, who knew, they don’t provide plates, cutlery, pots and pans, etc. Tuesday was an awesome day though (skipping back here I know but oh well) after the whole exam result debacle, I had to go to work. The people at work are so nice but it’s the customers who can be a**holes. Well, some of them. Actually, most of them! Except for this one lady. The couple were returning something and I had to call my supervisor to do it (yes I’m 18 and I work in one of those stores that doesn’t train you on how to do everything simple on the tills) and just as they were about to leave the lady turns to me and says “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kate Middleton?” Suffice to say I was so stunned that all I could say was “Really? Thank you. That’s the first time I’ve heard that.” over and over. I’ve never thought about it before but my supervisor agreed with her, as did my mum and a couple of my colleagues! Honestly, I’m not sure how much I actually look like Kate.

Anyways, I missed out on giving you my review on Pretty Little Liars this week 😦 so here’s a quick run through of my thoughts. Jake slept on Aria’s couch for the night (what’s next?) then Ezra found out that Maggie is trying to take Malcolm away from him and move to DC (I never really liked Maggie). Paige threw Emily a surprise birthday party (aww cute!) which Ems nearly wrecked at the start (oops). After meeting with a top ranked swim coach, Emily was told she would have to wait at least 6 months before he’d let her in the pool and even then, she may not be ready in time to make it to the big time. Ashley was released (YAY!) after finally being granted bail and who posted it? It was none other than our friendly Rosewood minister, Ted (was anyone else surprised by this?) who clearly has a lot riding on Ashley staying out of jail and, therefore, Mona being found guilty. Sidestep for one second guys, any thoughts on why Mona would confess? Do you think she actually did do it? Who did if Mona didn’t? There’s a thousand questions we could ask but lets reverse sidestep and get back on track. Mona was released from the station and placed back in Radley (more breakouts planned Mona?). Loved seeing a bit more Lesley Fera, a.k.a Veronica Hastings, in this episode but am I the only one wondering where on earth Mr Hastings has gone? Shana and Jenna turned up at Emily’s party so that the girls could try and get some answers. Somehow, Jenna ended up face-down in the lake. Suspicious. In the end, Red Coat was seen crawling underneath the DiLaurentis porch and A was seen playing Herbert Happy Lawson’s Any Time on the piano.

So folks, I think that’s all that I’ve missed out on so far this week. I’ll definitely try and post a couple of reviews next week and probably over the weekend because I kind of have a lot of stuff to review (and I’ve just bought more E.l.f. products!). Anyway, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about the whole Mona situation and I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on the Kate Middleton comment. Thanks.

Have a good weekend folks!



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