Pretty Little Liars 4×10

Last night’s episode “The Mirror Has Three Faces” was certainly interesting in many respects but I wasn’t too entertained with the storylines. SPOILERS AHEAD! TURN BACK NOW TO AVOID!!

So, to start with, the girls were apparently late for school right at the start of the episode (honestly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen every episode) and Emily got a text from her mom telling her that Jessica DiLaurentis had said Emily and her mom could stay with her. Hanna’s “Em you have to” speech was a little harsh I thought. It was awfully sad to see Mrs D when she opened up Alison’s wardrobe to see her clothes hanging up. Wren turned up this episode (woo!) but not exactly for the best of reasons (did anyone else have a feeling he was dodgy from the start?). Aria is still with Jake (ugh. Really? Just get back with Ezra already!) and she went to Philly to watch his match, all the while trying to find an address that Caleb had found from a cable bill. Speaking of Ezra, how sad was it when he started crying? How could Maggie do that to him?! Why would she keep up this act of telling Ezra that Malcolm is his son when  she knows he isn’t? My best guess would be because Ezra’s mom is still paying her off (and wasn’t she an angel!). Spencer and Toby went to see Dr Palmer again. (now this part I really liked.) To get him to talk, Spence, being the smarty pants that she is, obviously thought that playing the piece Any Time would help him remember Toby’s mom playing it. She couldn’t have been more right. He let slip the words “Ms DiLaurentis” which we all assumed was either Jessica or Alison. When Mrs D told Spencer and Hanna what had actually happened, I’ve got to admit I wasn’t too shocked. Yes, CeCe had agreed to pull a stunt for Alison by saying she wanted to stay in Radley and that, obviously, set Mrs D off but to be perfectly honest, we all knew that CeCe would do anything for Ali. Speaking of CeCe, Aria found that address and the woman who was moving out knew some stuff. She knew about Ali pushing that girl down the stairs at the frat party 3 years ago. She told Aria that CeCe called the girls Ali’s little devils and that she didn’t like any of them. I felt so bad for Ashley when someone (clearly Wren) put in that false complaint about Veronica Hastings coercing that confession out of Mona (personally I think Mona and Wren are in cahoots with each other and he made the complaint for her as part of the bigger plan) despite the fact that Mrs H hadn’t been anywhere near Mona the day she “confessed”. A’s bit at the end was weird though. They were clearly at the Fields house and they placed Ashley Marins’ Manolo Blahnik shoe on to the rubble. Is A trying to set up Hanna’s mom for the car “accident” or are they trying to set up Pam for Wilden’s murder? I don’t know what A is up to but I really can’t wait to find out who it is at the end of the season. Only 2 weeks of season 4A left. What will happen next?

Have a good Wednesday folks!



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