Lush Bohemian Soap Review

Ok, I admit it! I’m obsessed!!


Lush’s Bohemian soap!! I have been using this religiously since I bought it in March/April. Again, it’s lemon, so that suits me down to a T. Anything I use for washing up in the bathroom is fruity (lemon, grapefruit, just citrus in general) or minty (Lush’s Dirty shower gel). I don’t know what it is about those scents but they are literally the only ones I will use in my bathroom. Anyway, back on track, like I said, I use this religiously. The scent, well that’s already been explained. I love the way this soap makes my hands feel though. Other soaps I have used, either liquid or solid, have always sort of left my hands feeling dry and needing moisturised but this doesn’t do that. Absolutely love, love, love this (obsession alert!) and will definitely be repurchasing it again as it’s one of the cheaper soaps from Lush at only £3.10 for 100g, which has lasted me from March ’til now and I still have more than half left. 8/10


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