Pretty Little Liars 4×11


Last night’s episode, “Bring the Hoe Down”, was one of the better scripted episodes I thought. Yes, there was a fair chunk of the episode dedicated to the barn dance but it was a nice change I thought. So, right at the start it seems like Hanna has this stalker who has just appeared out of thin air (Not that uncommon in Rosewood) but we learn that his name is Travis. He even puts money in Hanna’s locker to help her but she gives it back to him in the end. It seems like he actually wants to help Hanna and Ashley but are his motives sincere? I think not. (Notice how they chose an actor that, if they chose to, they could pass off as Wilden’s son, nephew or cousin. Very smart and suspicious move.) CeCe was back. In a room that may have been the portable A lair or may have been a room in the barn. With the red coat on a chair. She was on the phone to someone and basically telling them to hurry up and get to her. Next time we see the barn dance, Emily sees Red Coat  on the second floor and tells Spencer who notices her coming down the stairs and leaving. When giving chase to her, she disappears around the corner and Spence and Em decide to hijack a truck to follow her. Of course, the engine didn’t start and Emily saw Red Coat jump on the back of the truck, amongst the hay, and move closer to the girls. It turned out they only found the coat, which was missing a button, and not Red Coat herself. Spencer, Emily and Aria managed to get Mrs D away from the house long enough to check out the stuff that had been left by the mystery person in the crawl space. They found a button which matched the red coat they found. This happened just before they heard someone in the house and Aria nearly got her eyes poked out by some knitting needles. We did get to see something very rare this week though. An Emily/Ezra scene! Though, it wasn’t very high spirited. He practically barked at Emily. Then he apologised and told Em about what was happening with Maggie and Malcolm. And, of course, Aria wouldn’t answer any of Ezra’s calls so it wouldn’t look as bad to Jake so Emily had to tell her about Maggie before Ezra could. There was a flashback of Emily and Alison where we found out that Alison used to break up with her friend’s boyfriends for them when they didn’t have the guts to do it themselves. We also found out in that flashback that Alison had a gun pulled on her once. (I think everyone at this point was just like “Yup. That was Wilden.”)

Mainly the episode seemed to focus on relationships. Ezra and Jake met (awkward!!). Jake clearly felt threatened by Ezra. “Give us some space”? I mean what was that about? The Ezria (yay!) scene at the end was so cute! Can’t wait to see more of them. On the other hand, the Jake and Aria (are we calling them Jaria?) scene in the coffee shop was super duper cute too. The whole cowgirl boot thing was so sweet! Spencer and Toby argued (fairly common of late. I hope they make up soon) about Toby’s mother and, apparently, whether Spencer’s loyalties lied with him or her friends (nice slip of the tongue there Spence!). More Haleb scenes were needed though. I think I only recall seeing them together twice: in school and at the barn dance. What was up with Paige and Emily this week? I can understand that Paige would look at Zoe’s recommendation for Emily and see that she is in to Em. But why did Emily not tell Paige she was going to the barn dance? Odd. Very odd.

We saw CeCe near the end. Wearing a black hoodie and gloves. (Anyone else think it’s clear she’s on the A team?). Standing outside Ezra’s apartment and listening to Ezria’s conversation. Holbrook, or whatever that detective’s name is, was back at the start to mention that they’d found a muddy shoe that didn’t belong to Pam in the rubble of the Fields’ house. She appeared again at the end to interview Travis about what happened the night of Wilden’s murder. Another A team member, or possibly A themselves, was seen with more dolls of the girls (either this recurring theme of dolls is significant or the writers got bored trying to come up with something else.) and was seen stabbing one of them. We never saw which one though.

(I know that seems like I’ve done that really jumbled but I’m just typing as it enters my head. Apologies)

Have a good Wednesday guys!



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