Lush T for Toes Review


I have nothing put praise for this little bottle of foot powder! Now, we all know that body stinks are something that don’t normally come up in civilized conversations, and who can blame anyone? Who really wants to talk about how smelly their feet are? It’s not exactly casual conversation. More like awkward conversation. So, on to the actual product. T for Toes is brilliant for banishing any foul smells that can occur from your feet. A lot of people say they love the way their shoes smell after using this and walking around all day. To be honest, I couldn’t really smell the powder at the end of the day but, then again, I could never smell anything from my shoes or my feet at the end of the day. Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that this absolutely works! I’ve tried many foot sprays and powders but this is the cheapest one I have ever bought that does what it says on the tin. The tea tree and lime oil smell divine and I love using all natural products. Absolute bargain at only £4.45 a bottle! Ticks all the boxes for me. 9/10.

Happy Saturday folks!



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