Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale Review

Last night’s episode “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” was officially the beginning of what the PLL-verse is calling World War A.

pll season 4 mid-finale

Well! This may be slightly long so I’ll try not to bore the life out of you.


Where to start?! The beginning sounds good. So, firstly the girls were given 4 magic eight balls. It was a message from A: “If she goes free you’ll hear from me. Kisses. -A”. Next we saw the line-up where Travis was trying to identify the person he saw running away from the crime scene before Wilden was shot. A minute later, the charges against Ashley were being dropped, the liars received another “gift” from A while celebrating Ashley’s release (a Mona doll with the message “Hanna wins so Mona loses. Find her before the cops do or they’ll think you killed her. -A” and CeCe has been identified as a suspect in Wilden’s murder.

When the girls went looking for Mona they found that she didn’t turn up for French class. We saw Toby going through a box of stuff from his mom (aw Toby! I didn’t know you had a sentimental side) before going downstairs from his loft to The Brew where he sees Shana drop a delivery receipt for Wren in London. That night we saw the girls in their relationships. Jake fell asleep on date night (let’s be honest, Aria should know he hates old black and white movies) while Spoby and Paily both spent the night in each others arms (d’aww!) and Haleb spent the evening sitting on Mona’s house. Aria went out to The Brew hoping to catch the end of the poetry reading and ran into Ezra. To top the evening off, we saw Aria kiss Ezra while Red Coat looked on.

The next morning the girls are all around at Spencer’s house and they get a third clue from A. A saw in a box with “Watch me make a girl disappear. Kisses. -A” Spence mentions that A is talking about a magic trick and they find a magic show on in the ever creepy Ravenswood that afternoon. The Great Charlemagne, the magician, had clearly been told to look out for the girls coming and asked Aria to help him in the disappearing act where she had to get in a box. Of course, this was a distraction for the girls. While they were watching Aria on the stage, Emily was taken by A.

Emily was placed in a box in a sawmill just around the corner from where the magic show was being held. Red Coat stops the machine just in time and runs off. Actually, both of them run off. (Yes. That’s right. There’s TWO Red Coats!!)

PLL shock 1

Aria chases after one, which turns out to be CeCe, while Spencer chases the other one. Aria and CeCe fight a little before CeCe falls over the edge and drops to the ground after Aria tried to save her. While we think she’s dead, the girls comfort Aria while CeCe runs off. When Spence takes the girls to where her Red Coat led her, she says she thought it was Ali and she leads them up the stairs to A’s lair. The BIG A’s lair.

PLL shock 3

EVERYTHING the liars could have possibly been looking for from A is in this room. Yes, EVERYTHING! There are timelines for everyone (oh, did I mention that everyone also seems to include Alison! Yes, you read that right.), suits (suggesting A is a guy), massive computer systems which can control their cell phones, security systems, etc. Aria, honestly, doesn’t look quite as surprised as the others when they enter (it’s almost like she knew it was coming or something). Hanna takes a notebook while the others are looking the other way. Spencer finds the accounts book in the room and sees that CeCe received 2 payments the previous week and that big A has set up a corporation named Shahby (or however it’s spelled) after Ali’s favourite beach and at the top of the page we can see that A has had 3 incoming payments recently and a few P.I expenses (possibly could mean private investigator) and an “Auto Lease”. The whole time they are in there, they’re being watched by someone with bright blue eyes from behind the poster for the ghost train. The next thing we see is Toby following Shana to a motel place called River Valley where Mona is. She clearly has a deal with Shana.

At the end of the episode, on the way to a party that night, the girls run into Mrs Grunwald. She tells them that she saw Ali the night she disappeared. She tells the girls that it was her that Ali was calling in the sorority house, she pulled Ali out of her grave that night, drove her to the hospital where Ali ran off when left alone. She says that Ali doesn’t want to be found and suggests it’s possible that Ali can’t trust the girls. She tells the girls that they need to leave Ravenswood because “He” is watching them because he wants them to lead him to Ali. They don’t listen and go to get dressed up to crash the party. (Which we’ll see October 22nd for the Halloween episode)

Now for the BIG REVEAL! We saw someone in A’s lair. A guy. Dressed in one of the suits sitting in the wardrobe. It was EZRA!! After I picked my jaw up off the floor I went through 3 stages. Firstly :

pll shock 2



And finally:

PLL 4X12 Reaction

It just brings up so many questions. Every single little thing that has happened since the show began is being questioned by me right now. I have a list of questions as long as my arm and longer. The most important and, possibly, the biggest ones:

What connection does Ali have to Ezra?

Is Ezra “Board shorts”?

Who else is on A’s payroll?

Why would he allow Mona, Toby and Spencer to join the A team?

Is he really Big A or is he just an A team member?

What are his motives?

Does he really love Aria or was it just a plot to get closer to the girls?

Was it Ezra’s car that Ali was getting in to when Toby gave her his sweater?

Those are just 8 questions I have. I am sitting here with a question list of about 50 or more. I’m also pretty sure that, if I could find the time to watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars, I would come up with a whole lot more questions and the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall into place pretty easily.

How did you take the reveal?

Have a good Wednesday/Thursday guys!



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