Celebs and Rape Charges

So since this has been in the news for a while now I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you. With all the celebs, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, etc., being charged or arrested in connection to rape, sexual misconduct or the likes I have a lot of thoughts.

First, a lot of women and men have been coming forward after someone else has come forward and it has been established that a certain celeb had been abusing children years previously. I can 100% understand this. It’s a celeb so people don’t want to kick up a fuss and they’re scared that they won’t be believed. My parents understand too but they also think that, once a couple of people started getting paid compensation for what happened to them, a lot more people turned up JUST for the compensation. Whether that’s true or not we’ll never know but I’m not sure I agree with them. If it is true then that makes me a fool, and I’m ok with that, but if it isn’t then it can just be put down to simple human behaviour I would imagine.

Secondly, now that we know of at least 3, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville and Chris Fountain, if not more, I feel like we are just scratching the surface. I feel like if the police dug just a little deeper they’d find tens, even hundreds, more survivors. It would probably be surprising, to a lot of people, how many celebs have done this and even more surprising the number of survivors that could be uncovered.

Third, I feel some actors seem to derail from a nice, simple, straight life and hit up drugs or alcohol. Now we are seeing celebs who have taken a different track. One of abusing children and teenagers. None of it is acceptable, given these people are in the public eye and people look up to them as role models, but I would say that abusing children and teenagers is probably the WORST thing a celeb could possibly do. It’s worse than murdering someone!

Fourth, some of these celebs have MBEs, OBEs or other highly thought of awards handed out by the Queen every year. Personally, I think ALL titles that have been handed out to these celebs should be taken away the second they are found guilty of these heinous crimes. Why should these people have titles when they have terrorised and traumatised MANY people? What gives these people the right to keep these titles after being arrested and charged for these crimes? They should be punished the way every other rapist or child molester should be. And they should bring in sentences like the US has to the UK to properly punish these foes. In my opinion, they should never be let out of prison and they certainly shouldn’t get away with nothing more than what seems like a slap on the wrist. The people who DESERVE these awards are the people who have been traumatised by the perpetrators and have managed to do OK for themselves and have been unbelievably brave.

Finally, I believe people need to talk about these issues. In the US there seems to be, from my perspective, more talk about the issue of rape, molestation and domestic violence than there ever has been before. Organisations like NO MORE and The Joyful Heart Foundation, along with some others, have allowed people to be able to talk about these issues more openly and address the dilemmas. They even managed to get the Violence Against Women Act reauthorized this year after 31 Senators voted against it in 2012 (I feel I should point out that most Senators are male.) I feel like in the UK yes, we do have the Rape Crisis centres and hotlines and we also have some adverts on TV that try to bring our attention to the issues and a couple of other small organisations but, at the same time, people aren’t doing much. They are keeping these issues locked away in the dark. Where they can fester and become even bigger. The longer the dragon is locked away, the more powerful it becomes. These issues are simply NOT going to go away just because people wish them to. Society needs to start TALKING and ADDRESSING these issues if there is to be any change. People in the UK seem to be more interested in what is going on in other countries, like Syria, than the epidemic that is going on in their own country. Even when these issues do make it on to the news, 9 times out of 10, I see that the story is there because it involves a celeb. As far as I’m concerned, rape, molestation, domestic violence and the likes are all crimes against Human Rights. Where does it say that it is not against Human Rights laws to commit rape or acts of violence in a home where people are meant to be safe?

Maybe my views seem a bit harsh to you but they are my views. “Each to their own” as my mum would say. Yes, you may have thought while reading that that I was getting a bit angry and frustrated and you’d be right. It is one of the most frustrating and annoying things in the world to see on the news and feel like nothing is being done about it. I think we could all stand to learn a lot from the way the US  is tackling these issues.


Personal Note: I am a survivor of sexual assault when I was in a relationship and both of these organisations inspired more hope in me that life would get better than any of the British organisations ever have. I have learned a lot from both of these organisations and I owe them A LOT. Since I discovered them, I have said that if I were to ever come in to any large sum of money, say from the lottery, I would keep only a very small percentage of the money, if any, and donate the rest of it equally to these organisations. I don’t need money for any reason other than to pay rent and buy food when I move in to my own place and I can pay for that from my wages and savings. I think it would make much more sense to give these organisations a huge sum of money each to help them keep up their amazing work. They really do hold a special place in my heart and I will be ever grateful to them and to Mariska for showing me what it truly means to be fearless, empowering me and for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks! Feel free to leave any commentary below.



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