Law and Order SVU Season 15 Premiere Review

Ok. I officially have a MAJOR problem here guys. This premiere NEEDS to be talked about but I…. can’t….. I’m just… speechless. Y’all should know I went through more than 2 boxes of man sized tissues tonight while watching the premiere though. I couldn’t physically breathe at one point. Ok. Ok. Trying to find the words. Let’s see what my fingers type up. First off as always:

Ok. The premiere picked up right where the season 14 finale finished, and what a wait that was! (sorry guys, still can’t find the words. you’ll have to put up with me just telling you what happened.) Definitely was well worth the wait for the premiere though. I feel like a massive void in my life has finally been filled now and to top it off we get to see this gorgeous face on TV every week again.

mariska gorgeous

So, like I said the first episode picked up where they left off, with Liv being held hostage in her own apartment by the serial rapist William Lewis. There’s no way I can describe how Liv manages to handle the situation and come out alive. I remember screaming at my screen A LOT. You have to watch this episode to even begin to comprehend the amazing acting that has gone in to it. Basically  though, the team realise Liv is in danger when Rollins and Fin turn up to her apartment and find it trashed. They start what feels like a state-wide search for her. Lewis is constantly moving Olivia though and always seems to be one step ahead of the team. In the end, Liv gets out alive but I really can’t talk about it. Not because I can’t remember but purely because merely talking about it will do it a HUGE injustice. The episode just HAS to be watched so I’m not going to go in to specifics.

The second episode “Imprisoned Lives” I can talk about though, but again I would say that merely reading a review or writing one doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. (you’ll probably find I’ll say that about EVERY episode of Law and Order SVU) When the team get a call about a kid that has been abandoned in Times Square, Benson is quick off the mark to jump head first in to working the case. (after 2 months out of work I think that’s fair) When the case takes an unexpected turn it hits home for Liv who is already in a sensitive place. It transpires that the kid is the child of a kidnapped woman from 9 years ago who was raped by a man who called himself “Pa”. When the team find the house where the boy has been living they find 4 cages where the boy and 3 other people were being held. I don’t want to go in to much more detail but I’d definitely say this: JUST GO WATCH IT!! There is no realistic score I can give these 2 episodes combined but I think, primarily for the first episode, Mariska could be in the running for an Emmy next year! Here’s hoping. Seriously though, if I have to rate it out of ten, infinity out of ten.

Happy Thursday folks!



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