Revenge Season 3 Premiere

Revenge was back on Sunday and boy was it back! I’ve been in love with this show since it first came on and I’m liking the fact that they have decided to take the show back to its season 1 roots. Season 2 did get a little out of hand but I can’t wait to see how this goes.


revenge season 3

So in the first 60 seconds of “Fear” we saw Emily (Realmanda) getting shot on a boat dressed in what looks like a wedding dress. Then we get brought back to the present (3 months before Em gets shot and 6 months after the season 2 finale) and see good old mother hating Daniel with Em. We learn that Victoria is having the best time of her life with estranged son Patrick. A clearly not pregnant Charlotte comes back early from Paris because, as was revealed before the premiere, the Graysons are going to be BROKE this season and it’s revealed that she lost the baby. Jack comes back from taking Carl to visit his extended family. When he returns Emily goes to see him and, after sharing a fairly passionate kiss (finally!), he gives her an ultimatum: finish it before the end of the summer. Nolan gets released from prison and Emily is there to meet him just like he did when she got out with a surprise. She’s bought him a house

Before the summer opening party thing Emily has put together in Victoria’s absence, Charlotte meets Patrick for the first time when she finds out Victoria has put him up in the South Fork Inn. Patrick sees fit to leave after Charlotte tells him that his mother will reel him in then screw him over and if Victoria doesn’t then Charlotte will. Emily tries to enlist Nolan’s help hacking a security scanner so she can get something in to the party and fails. Nolan has decided he’s off the radar for hacking or anything else technical like that for a while. He does come up with another way to get what Em needs in to the party though.

At the party Daniel grabs Emily a bottle of water (seems trivial but believe me it’s important) while she goes over to greet the other Graysons. Just after she meets back up with Daniel, Nolan arrives in style. Parachute!! Definitely not your average entrance but at least Emily gets the drug she needs to put in the bottle. When the security disappear off to their posts again, Emily gives Conrad the bottle, now laced with whatever was in the phial Nolan handed her when he landed. He drinks it with just enough time left for him to get up and start talking before collapsing.

In the hospital Emily manages to change Conrad’s results so it looks like he has Huntingdon’s disease. While Daniel doesn’t mention the disease to the press a “source close to the family” does (clearly Emily’s handiwork) which results in him having to give up his position as Senator or something. Afterwards, Daniel and Emily set a date for the upcoming wedding: August 8 (8/8. double infinity!).

At the end of the episode Ashley is summoned to the air strip and told to go off back to Croydon by Victoria and Emily who are acting as “family” and have had enough of her trying to blackmail her way through every situation. I was kind of disappointed by this scene because the way I’d heard it was going to happen was that they were bringing in a doctor to assess her mental health and that’s why she gets sent off. Pretty poor send off I thought but at least Emily got to use that red marker again. 8/10.

Happy Tuesday guys!



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