Soap and Glory Powder Review

A long time ago I decided I should set my face with a powder. I knew I wanted to use a translucent one so I started looking around and I had heard a lot about E.L.F’s HD powder. My problem was that every time I went on the website the translucent one was sold out! (that’s always the way) So I spent another couple of weeks trawling the internet until I found one that was meant to be just as good: Soap and Glory’s One Heck of a Blot translucent pressed powder.


To begin with I was wary that it might cake my makeup or that the quality of the powder would be really bad. Honestly, I took one look at the packaging and thought “This is going to be another one of those brands where you spend a lot of money for the lowest quality product.” Even so, I went ahead and bought it and I’m sure glad I did now. I’ve used powder foundations in the past and found they either didn’t last or just dried out my skin. This baby though absolutely rules! It leaves your skin feeling super soft and actually is translucent (I’ve seen other brands promoting translucent powder that is actually just powder foundation and isn’t translucent at all) Best of all, it doesn’t dry out your skin. The compact powder comes with it’s own little powder puff which is great (it would be even better if it had the little ribbon across the top to hold it without dropping it) and I just use the puff because it’s easier than buying another brush. (yes I’m lazy when it comes to makeup) I wasn’t sure that you could use this to set any concealer under your eyes for some reason but you absolutely can. The powder leaves your face looking matte and the same colour as it was pre-powder. At £12 a piece it can be deemed relatively expensive for those who don’t like to spend more than a fiver on any cosmetic product. Personally, I will be repurchasing this when finished. It has absolutely become one of my holy grail makeup items. 9/10.

Happy Saturday folks!



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