Law and Order SVU 15×03 and Revenge 3×02 Reviews

So I haven’t had much time to post lately and I decided I would just review both Law and Order SVU’s episode American Tragedy and Revenge’s episode Sin together. Apologies for this only going up today, I thought I’d posted it on Tuesday but apparently it didn’t post. Sorry guys.


I’ll start with Sin. I really liked the way that this episode was written because it allowed us as viewers to see Emily’s more sensitive side. To begin with, Aidan and Victoria were on the Grayson’s yacht in the middle of nowhere. Aidan was trying to get Victoria further on side so he could take down Emily. Victoria told him she wanted proof and Aidan promised her she’d have it. The Grayson family drama really kicked back in to full swing this week with Charlotte originally looking after Conrad since his Huntingdon’s diagnosis. Of course this was before Jack told her the truth about the Grayson Global bomb later in the episode after Charlotte admits she blames herself for Declan’s death. During the entire episode there was something going on at Grayson Manor. From Emily bringing Conrad blueberry muffins to Victoria bringing her long lost son Patrick to family dinner, there was always something to tickle those drama taste-buds of ours. As always, Emily was still plotting, and going through with, a take down. This time though, it was a clergyman. Oh and he used to work for the Graysons. Emily immediately regretted sending the incriminating evidence against him to his Pastor when she saw all the children that Minister Phil took care of literally seconds before his Pastor came in to the room to, I guess, ask him to leave. Nolan had warned her about it not being a good idea when he seems to be a totally innocent party now before she went through with this. Nolan was keeping Emily’s infinity box for her while she tried to get Daniel a job in the city with Margot and her company.

Now, on to American Tragedy. After a spate of rapes on women in the Upper West Side by a black youth wearing a hoody the team are put on the trail of a 17 year old black boy who follows a female TV chef home. It turns out that the woman, Jolene Castille, claims it was self defence as he was lunging for her and threatening her. She says she was extremely close to him when she shot him believing he was going to rape her. It soon transpires, from ME Warner’s report, that she was at least 8 feet away from him when she shot him. Everywhere the team turns shows up another hole in Jolene’s story until they come to the conclusion that it couldn’t possibly have been Mehcad Carter, the boy she shot. Jolene maintains the story that she shot in self defence but it turns out she is a huge racist. There was one part in the episode where Olivia Benson was walking back to her apartment and floored some creeper who tried hitting on her. It was a really well shot section and it was such a shame to see Olivia still being affected by what Lewis did to her but I can understand why it does. It ended with Jolene being found not guilty of Mehcad’s death. The episode was extremely well written and was based on the Trayvon Martin case which went to trial in August of this year. Though I do not know much about the Trayvon Martin case, with there not being much coverage of it here in the UK, I understand that Trayvon was shot at close range, while unarmed, in a gated community in Florida by a Hispanic man, Zimmerman. Due to Florida’s laws though, he was acquitted of all charges as he claimed it was self defence which, under the Florida laws, is a legal and valid reason.

Both really good episodes and I can’t wait to see the next ones but I must voice my own opinions on this Trayvon Martin case. If Florida has laws that say it is perfectly legal to shoot someone and claim self defence to get away with it then it needs to be policed much better. It seems that, at present, anyone can kill or attack another person and say they were acting in self defence and get away with it even if the person they attacked was unarmed. There should be some sort of section within that law that stipulates that if a person is unarmed then it cannot be counted as self defence except in specific circumstances, e.g. a woman gets raped by an unarmed man and shoots him as he walks away or something on a similar scale.

Have a good Thursday folks!



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