Revenge 3×03 Review

Ok guys, I know I’m sucking at juggling life, uni and blogging at the moment but I’m currently working on a way that means I’ll be posting 2-3 times a week. For now though, I can only apologise for the slow posting. Also, if anyone is wanting to read my review of Law and Order SVU 15×04 “Internal Affairs” it will be posted along with the review for 15×05 “Wonderland Story” on Friday this week. Again, I’m sorry for the late posting. So, on to Revenge 3×03 “Confession”.


Ok, let’s just take a minute and talk about that opening sequence. Charlotte wielding a knife over Conrad’s sleeping body before plunging it in to his chest uttering the words “This is for my father.” was the absolute pinnacle of excellence! What a great way to start an episode. I don’t think I’ve seen an opening scene like that on Revenge at all. Of course, it was all just a dream that Conrad was having but, still, amazing. Emily turns up to Conrad’s room and switches out his pills for something else. (man, I wish the writers would tell us what she’s giving him!) Loved the whole Emily/Conrad dynamic they showed this week. It’s odd to see the showrunners putting two characters together who have never really had any major scenes together until now.

Around 80% of this episode was based around Nolan’s house warming party. From Emily delivering an invitation to Victoria by hand to the actual party itself. Even Nolan ran in to Patrick at “the club” and invited him to his little soiree. Emily managed to get Father Paul back on side when she popped up in the confessional when he was expecting a Pastor to be there. It was strange seeing this side of Emily again. The side that reminds us that she’s still a person with normal, everyday feelings and not just some stone cold vengeance artiste. Ems wanted to give him her forgiveness (such a rare occurrence) and she apologised for the fact that it was her who had lost the Father his job at the church. Later on, in Grayson Manor, Father Paul manages to convince Conrad to turn himself in to the authorities and give Charlotte back her dad, despite him being dead.

Victoria turns up with Aidan (again another couple who’ve never had any major scenes together) to Nolan’s housewarming where you can already smell the tension between Emily and Victoria. What’s better than that? Emily and Victoria shooting barbs at each other! I was so impressed with the way in which Ems outed the Grayson’s and their financial “difficulties”. Of course, Daniel gets extra annoying this week when he finds out that Em has bought Nolan’s house for him. Victoria managed to get Aidan to tell her that he’d had a “thing” with Emily and that just makes Daniel even more irritated when he finds out that he might not even know who he’s marrying on August 8. The party was a great chance for us to also see how many people Emily has alienated herself from since starting her path to vengeance.

Victoria and Conrad fighting? Such a sight for sore eyes! When Conrad tells Victoria of his plan to go and turn himself in, so ensues a bitter, yet classic Victoria, cat fight. A good hard slap to the face which leaves Conrad with scratches, a vase being tossed down the stairs at Conrad and all shot with the “perfect” family portrait hanging on the wall behind Victoria. All before she yells at him that if he gets in that car it’ll be the last thing he does. (remind anyone else of when he told Victoria the same before the plane she got on blew up and she had to disappear for a while?) Perfection! I don’t think we’ve seen a fight this good for years!

At the end of the episode, we find out that Victoria is completely invested in taking down Emily, who she refers to as a “little bitch”, and Aidan has been working with Victoria as part of Emily’s plan. Oh I do love a little twist like that. It was the perfect scene too with the beach and the sunset. As Emily is driving home though, under the impression that Conrad is currently talking to the cops and confessing, she happens upon Conrad’s car. Wrapped around a telephone pole and in flames. Father Paul is dead but somehow, Conrad is alive.

Such an explosive episode and I was pleasantly surprised to see an episode like this so early in the game. Usually an episode with this kind of dynamic is shown near the end of the season. Hope the showrunners can keep this up.

Have a good Tuesday folks!



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