Law and Order SVU 15×04 and 15×05 Review

Since I never got around to reviewing 15×04 “Internal Affairs” last week, I’ll review it today along with 15×05 “Wonderland Story”.


“Internal Affairs” was an episode that I was eager to see but dreading what would happen in. As all SVU fans know, the second the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB), now more commonly referred to as IA, is mentioned we all go “For God sake! Leave these guys alone and stop causing trouble for them!!” Oh boy did they cause trouble last week! Only this time, they weren’t the ones being investigated thankfully. So IA needed SVU’s help in catching some cops in another precinct raping innocent people. While SVU felt aggravated at having to work under Lieutenant Tucker to nail the cops committing the crimes, Cassidy ends up being sucked in to the entire operation with  the promise of getting his detective badge back. Cassidy must go undercover as a new transfer to the precinct that houses the perps. Once there, he must do everything he’s asked, even at one point having to act like he’s still fast and loose with women while Liv listens in. Despite a failed attempt at using Rollins as bait for the cop, they manage to catch the one raping drunken women when he admits it just before SVU rush in and prevent him and his partner from shooting Cassidy, who has been made as an undercover after the Rollins debacle. Liv and Cassidy moved in to a new apartment together in this episode and it was definitely a good move. It’s really cute to see them together and it was time for Olivia to move out of that apartment, especially after what Lewis did to her in there. We also find out that Munch has handed in his papers and that Captain Cragen only has 6 months left before mandatory retirement. SVU will never be the same without either of these characters but us hopefuls are still keeping our fingers crossed that we will see Stabler back at some point. (praying like hell this actually happens. I mean come on, he’s already been mentioned a couple of time this season and we hadn’t even really heard him mentioned since he left) 7/10.

Wonderland Story got off to an excellent start. With Munch’s leaving party opening the episode I was instantly glued to the screen while remembering all those awesome Munch moments from the past 15 years that you don’t really remember until a character leaves. I was so glad they actually gave him a goodbye do because I’ve seen so many TV shows that just decide to get rid of a character and show them leaving without saying goodbye. Olivia had to leave unexpectedly right near the beginning to answer a text message that she had just received from a previous rape victim who believed she may have been raped again. Amaro goes after her, clearly thinking that something’s wrong with Liv. When they get to Sarah Walsh’s apartment, Nick takes charge of asking the regular questions in what seemed to me like a “I’m not sure I really believe you yet” tone while Benson tries to calm her down. Sarah explains that she woke up naked and sore and Benson notices her ear lobe is bloody. We first saw Sarah Walsh in Season 13 episode True Believers where she was raped and the rapist was never caught. Sarah can’t remember anything past leaving a bar with her friends the night before and is convinced that it is the same guy who raped her last time. It is uncovered that there were traces of GHB in her system. Unfortunately, when SVU investigates the previous suspect further, they discover he was at work all night. The team discover that Sarah’s had been to an underground party with her friends Nicole, Tyler and Matthew and Rollins and Tutuola are sent in to investigate. Eventually, it transpires that Sarah’s friend Tyler had carried her unconscious body out of the party and taken her back to her apartment. Tyler becomes a suspect when it turns out that one of Sarah’s friends couldn’t remember the night when there had been a party at Tyler’s despite her only having a drink or 2 and then woke up the next day sore and with a torn ear lobe. Benson doesn’t want to tell Nicole that the team thinks she might have also been raped but Cragen decides it has to be done. Nicole is brave enough to then go back to Tyler’s apartment where the team have set up cameras to watch the ensuing scene. Nicole tells Tyler she’s pregnant and manages to get Tyler to admit that he had sex with her when she was passed out. SVU enter and arrest him adding that they have a warrant for his home, laptop, etc. At the end of the episode Benson is talking with Sarah about how it does get easier. When Sarah mentions that her dad wants to get her a gun Olivia tells her that she has a gun and she’s been assaulted twice. I like the fact that she’s able to use her past predicaments to positively influence someone else and show them that it does get better. Afterwards, in Cragen’s office, Olivia is handed the Sergeant’s exam and Cragen tells her “You’ve been my number 2 for a long time. It’s time to make you my number 1.” I really hope Liv takes the exam and passes. She is the most senior member of the squad now since Fin didn’t start at SVU until Season 2. 8/10.

Have a good Friday!



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