Revenge 3×04 Review

Here’s the review for Revenge 3×04 Mercy I was meant to post yesterday. Apologies again for the delay.


So, to kick things off we see Father Paul, who is still alive (shocker, I know) and Conrad being rolled in to the ER. The scene then skips across to The Stowaway where Charlotte is discussing remodelling plans with Jack. When Jack asks Charlotte about all the wedding invitations he says he isn’t going to the wedding because he “needs a break from Emily Thorne.”

The scene then returns to the hospital where Father Paul is declared dead. Patrick turns up and asks Emily for some news because Daniel has made it clear that Patrick shouldn’t be in the room with Conrad and the other Graysons. Victoria storms out after Conrad comes up with the story that Father Paul was driving the car.

A little later, Emily stops by Daniel’s office at Voulez to talk to him about the accident and finds Daniel giving the detective in charge of the case her statement and a cheque. As Emily is leaving, she is approached by someone working for the magazine who says she needs at least one personal detail about Daniel or she won’t have a job or a story for the first issue. Emily is more than happy to give the woman a statement which, it turns out later, details Daniel’s past DUI etc.

Aidan, Nolan and Emily are at Nolan’s in the next scene and Ems gives Aidan some pills to swap out with Conrad’s actual medication. Aidan is now living in the Grayson’s pool house, quite obviously because, as Victoria said last week, she wants to finish Emily and she believes Aidan wants the same.

In the next shot we see Nolan at the beach club with Patrick who is all too eager to tell Nolan that he’s thinking of leaving the Hamptons. After all, he hasn’t exactly been made to feel at home by many people. As Patrick leaves to go for a swim, Nolan swipes his wallet from his man bag. When Nolan returns home he decides to use technology again (finally) and yet he’s conflicted as to whether he should or not. In the end, he gives in and switches on his computer ready to find out all the dirt he can on Patrick.

Victoria goes to one of her friends’ art galleries to ask for a job. Given her present financial position, this seems like fair game. That night, Patrick is seen taking one of Victoria’s more expensive pieces of art to the gallery’s current owner to sell it. Also that night, Daniel yells at Emily over the statement/interview she gave the Voulez worker earlier in the day and Emily walks out. She goes to the scrap yard that Conrad had the Ferrari he crashed taken to. When she locates the car, Jack turns up even after Emily has warned him that it’s not safe for him to be involved in this. Jack has videoed the entire car and, when looking over the footage, they can see that there should have been an airbag removed and destroyed before it was taken to the yard. Jack tells Emily he has to be the one to reveal one truth and it can be this one or the one about her being the real Amanda Clarke.

The next day, Victoria’s welcome party at the art gallery is in full swing. Charlotte has actually turned up to show her support for Victoria and Emily does too. Of course, Victoria doesn’t take too well to this given what happened at Nolan Ross’ house warming party.

In the next scene, we are back in Grayson Manor with Conrad and Daniel. Daniel hangs up the phone and tells Conrad he’s in the clear because Detective Marsh, the cop in charge of the case, has taken care of everything. In other words, he has completely covered it up for them. Conrad tells Daniel that he just took the corner too fast and must have hit the clutch instead of the brake.

Nolan has travelled down south to meet Patrick’s ex-wife whom he pays $20,000 to give him any specific information she can about why they split up. As we find out at the end of the episode, the reason they got divorced is because Patrick is gay. Meanwhile, in the Hamptons, Victoria is in the middle of trying to make a sale in the art gallery when Sheila, the woman currently running it, tells her it’s been 10 minutes and she’ll wrap up the sale. Victoria asks to talk to her in private and they go back in to Sheila’s office where Victoria confronts her about the painting she’d sold. She calls her out on it to be told that Patrick brought the painting to her and when Victoria threatens to call the police Sheila begs her not to and asks what she wants because Victoria Grayson doesn’t do  anything without having an end game. Victoria tells Sheila to walk out on to the shop floor and announce that she now owns the art gallery and that Sheila is to leave the Hamptons for good. We then see Victoria and Patrick at the end of the day talking about the painting and it is revealed that it was all a plan. A risky plan, but a plan they pulled off none the less.

Emily is back at the Stowaway and Jack tells her that he showed the video  to a mechanic friend of his and he’s found something other than the airbag removal. The brakes on Conrad’s car had been tampered with. Just then, Emily gets a message from Conrad saying he’s made a huge discovery so she has to rush off to Grayson Manor. Just before meeting with the Graysons, Emily pops in to the pool house to see Aidan and she tells him that Jack knows her real identity and that he’s found out the brakes on Conrad’s car had been tampered with. Aidan can’t understand why she told Jack but she promises she’ll explain it to him later before running off to meet the Graysons. Conrad had been asked to go back to the hospital for an MRI and, in doing so, had found out he was not nor had he ever suffered from Huntingdon’s disease. He announces he shall be reclaiming his place as master of the house. Just before Emily leaves she spends a little time with Daniel who is looking at his parents wedding photo from Season 2. When Em comments that they’ll have one of their own in a couple of weeks Daniel starts asking her if she really wants to be married to him and why. When Emily replies that it’s because she loves him he says he’s spending the night at the South Fork Inn again.

In the last 5 minuets of the episode, we see Patrick and Nolan sharing an awkward moment by Nolan’s pool after he has given Patrick his wallet back before they share a kiss. Originally, Nolan tried to kiss Patrick who said it was a little presumptuous which is why it got awkward. Emily is back in the Stowaway where Charlotte tells her she’s finished with the wedding invitations and gives one to Jack. When Jack asks Em why she’s still going through with this it finally dawns on him that she’s planning to take down the Graysons once and for all on the day of the wedding. Jack insists he has to be there to see them get what they deserve despite Emily’s desperation to keep him away from it all. In the final scene, Aidan turns up in Grayson Manor to see Conrad and Victoria talking while Victoria works and tells them that somebody tampered with the brakes on the car. In fact, being the jealous type, he tells them that it was Jack Porter.

Another good episode this week but I feel it was lacking something that it had last week. Maybe it was the lack of action. I don’t know but none the less a 7/10 for this episode.

Have a good Tuesday folks!



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