Update and a Quick Review

I thought I’d update you guys on my recent atrocious blogging schedule. I have decided I am going to post 3 days a week maximum because, with uni, I really don’t get that much spare time. Lately all my posts have been reviews of TV shows so I apologise that the blog has taken a monotonous route but I am working to change this. Hopefully, I will be able to post reviews twice a week, so more than one review may be packed in to a single post, and that leaves the 3rd day for me to blog about anything. Here’s a current list of what shows I am watching and the days I usually get chance to watch them (note, I’m not reviewing all of them because, like I said, time constraints) :

Pretty Little Liars – Wednesday

Revenge – Monday

Law and Order: SVU – Friday

The Mentalist – Monday

Waterloo Road – Thursday

Educating Yorkshire  – Thursday

Neighbours – Monday – Friday

Ravenswood – Wednesday

Glee – Friday

As you can see, it’s a relatively small list but, with uni taking up a lot of time, it keeps me on my toes. I try and stick to this schedule but it’s not easy.

Now I’ll just post a short review on Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween episode “Grave New World”.


A lot of the episode from last night seemed to be just the girls running around, looking pretty and not really seeming like they were trying to find Alison. They believed Ali was alive and that she was going to be at the “party” in Ravenswood so they wanted to track her down. Now that the audience knows Ezra is A, or at least part of the A team, it gave the episode a slight edge over previous episodes from this season. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was as good as the Season 2 Halloween episode but that’s just me. Personally, I felt it was all a bit jumbled up. I understood the Alison storyline but the other storylines surrounding it didn’t add up to me. Like Hanna getting lost, that Miranda girl meeting Caleb and Hanna (I know that was to set the stage for Ravenswood but, still) and finding out that there’s something seriously creepy in Ravenswood with all those head stones with the names of people who are alive written on them. Those storylines probably could have been left out. I just started feeling confused to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that goes on like Spencer getting in to a fight with A, who she doesn’t know is Ezra yet but she came pretty damn close. The girls eventually end up in Mrs Grunwald’s “office” where she tells them she feels that one of them has been touched by the person that Alison fears the most. Before they leave, Hanna tells Caleb to stay in Ravenswood and look after Miranda (honestly didn’t think that would be how Caleb left but that’s the way it happened anyway).

Spencer’s car has a flat tyre when they get back to it because someone has stabbed it with something and she doesn’t have a spare. Spencer then says that they must have taken it out when she was in that accident with Melissa. I don’t quite understand how she hasn’t used her car or opened the trunk since Season 1! Ezra turns up to rescue them (conevenient huh?) and we see Aria holding hands with him. Then, when the girls get dropped at Spencer’s house, Ezra and Aria kiss. Now I’m completely confused. When did they get back together?! Last time I remember seeing them together I’m pretty sure it was when he was telling Aria about Maggie’s lies.

Then, right at the end, we see Red Coat running off behind Spencer’s house and the girls follow. As Red Coat turns around, we discover that it’s Alison and she really is alive. From what I understand, in the books Alison is alive and she had a twin sister, Courtney, who is really dead. Apparently, the writers aren’t going to follow the twin storyline but it seems an awful lot like the might to me. 6/10 for this episode. Not the best one I’ve seen and I definitely preferred the last 2 Season’s Halloween episodes. More drama and straightforward scripting next year please.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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