Law and Order SVU and Revenge Reviews

Going to try a new way of reviewing episodes so as to make my posts slightly shorter. Let me know in the comments if you prefer the way I will post these reviews or the way I was previously doing it.


svu 15x06

To begin with then, Law and Order SVU’s most recent episode October Surprise was actually better than I thought it would be. I honestly thought it would fall short of my expectations but it didn’t. Rafael Barba’s former childhood friend, Alex Muñoz, is the favourite in the running for the next Mayoral elections in New York. His other friend, Eddie, gets himself in to bother when a young woman, Lindsay Anderson, who, it appears, is attacking him claims self defence and says he tried to rape her. Later on, she says she doesn’t want to press charges but is told it’s too late. Muñoz tries to get Barba to give Eddie the benefit of the doubt for old times sake. It transpires that Lindsay has several orders of protection against her for extortion and harassment. The team begin to wonder if Lindsay was trying to get her claws in to Muñoz. Lindsay gets moved overseas with her job and leaves her apartment without any warning. We find out that there has been some witness tampering with Lindsay receiving $2000.

Rollins soon sets up a website as a honeytrap to get evidence on Muñoz and they soon get more than they bargained for when he asks Rollins to move to a private site and sends pictures of himself exposed. Turns out he has popped up on about 10 other sites under his alias “Enrique Trouble” over the past year and a some of the girls he had been sexting had recently got highly respectable jobs. Muñoz has been paying another girl, someone who turns out to be 15, after sexting with her. Barba confronts Muñoz about it and Muñoz doesn’t deny it but rather accuses Barba of “swift boating” him. At the end of the episode, Muñoz’s bail is set at $10,000 with a packed gallery watching on. I loved how they managed to work some really well placed humour in to this episode as well. The tension between Barba and Amaro was epic and I can’t believe Olivia didn’t have to separate them with another metal bar. (too soon for that joke? ok. sorry) 8/10

revenge 3x05

Revenge’s newest episode Control was complex yet enjoyable. There can be times when TV shows get too complex and you begin to dislike watching them but that is not what happened with Control. Daniel and Patrick sort out their differences while Emily, Charlotte and Victoria all go dress shopping for the wedding. With Victoria and Conrad being opposite sides of the same coin, Aidan is stuck on the edge of the coin wondering who to serve more faithfully at the start of the episode when he guarantees Conrad will see Jack Porter go down. Patrick discovered that Nolan went behind his back to his ex-wife, who he paid $20,000 to, for information on Patrick.

Daniel’s magazine, Voulez, has it’s launch party while Aidan breaks in to The Stowaway and practically threatens Jack to leave town for good. Jack moves Karl somewhere safe and, while he’s away, Emily enters his bedroom to find a picture of her with her parents to show Daniel. After he called off the wedding, Emily needed some way to get her plan back on track and that meant relinquishing some of the control she has over her past to let Daniel see the “real” her. Aidan tells Victoria he found out who sabotaged Conrad’s car, it was one of her children. Charlotte confesses to being the culprit and we find out this is just a cover up and we are led to believe that Patrick did it when we see Emily and Aidan talking on the pier at the end of the episode. Patrick and Nolan also end up sharing a quiet moment by Nolan’s pool at the end of the episode too. Loved how everything fell apart for Emily and she was able to bring it back up to her A game level in this episode. Am I also detecting some mother/daughter devilishly awesome plans hatching between Victoria and Charlotte? I hope so. 8.5/10.

So there you have it folks, I only included the highlights to see if I could shorten the reviews and make them a little less boring for you to read through. Let me know if you prefer it this way in the comments.

Have a good Monday!



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