Revenge 3×06 Review


To kick off this episode we had the joy of witnessing Emily and Daniel in bed together before Ems has to rush off to see Nolan. There’s a moment when she enters Nolan’s bathroom and we are made to believe he’s dead. Given that Patrick has just been seen running from Nolan’s it wouldn’t have been entirely unlikely since he killed a man. Of course, we know that Patrick meant to kill Conrad but ended up killing Father Paul instead. Emily tells Nolan he has to break off the relationship for Patrick for a whole host of reasons.

The Graysons are having a family breakfast in which they discuss the upcoming nuptials between Emily and Daniel. They have decided to take a family honeymoon to Nantucket which will leave after the reception. Conrad then decides to add in another little surprise for Victoria (as if finding out that her son and her enemy are back on good terms again isn’t bad enough). He has sold Grayson Manor. After breakfast, Emily and Aidan are seen trying to figure out how to keep the Graysons in the Manor since it is paramount to Ems plans. Victoria and Patrick are at the gallery and Victoria tells Patrick that she’ll always cherish the fact that he was willing to kill a man to protect her.

Charlotte and Daniel are shopping whilst Danny gives Charlotte some business advice. Next thing we know, Daniel has gone in to a bakery and so ensues a shortish argument between him and Sara, his ex girlfriend who’s spine he broke when he wrapped his car around a tree after 5 drinks. Turns out, the Graysons screwed her over and didn’t cover her medical expenses for the years of physiotherapy she’s needed to be able to learn how to walk again.

Nolan and Jack are seen talking in the newly decorated Stowaway. Nolan decides to go rogue and tells Jack that he is part of the inner circle too. Later on, Jack comes to Nolan’s house to give him back his phone (which he apparently left on the bar) and they agree that they are friends. Jack convinces Nolan to let Patrick go and Nolan agrees to let Jack be the one to get rid of Patrick.

Meanwhile, Emily switches out the file for the Grayson household to make it seem like there is serious beach erosion going on and the sale of Grayson Manor falls through. Of course, to make all of this seem real, Ems has to have Aidan break through a wall in her house with a sledgehammer and causes a ruckus the next morning while the photographer is taking more shots of the house for the buyer. Jack goes to Grayson Manor to confront Conrad who agrees to declare a ceasefire between them for the information about Patrick.Victoria is quite happy to discover, while all of this is going on, that the entire Grayson fortune is being held in a warehouse in the form of 100s of bars of gold! Conrad tells Victoria that he has a way of dealing with Patrick and so Victoria packs Patricks bags and sends him off on his way (in a taxi!) without so much as an explanation.

At the end of the episode, Emily interrupts Nolan and Jack’s dinner plans to offer somewhat of an apology. She reveals that the final stage of the plan is to have Victoria Grayson made the number one suspect in the murder of Emily Thorne. How that is going to work I don’t know but I’m intrigued to find out how the writers will pull it off.

Not the best of episodes. I didn’t feel there was that much going on in this episode, with the exception of us finding out the last stage of Ems plan to take down the Graysons. To me it was more of a filler episode, if you like. 5/10.

Would you have preferred to have the final stage of Emily’s plan kept a secret? Do you think the writers were right to reveal this fact now? Let me know your opinions in the comments.

Have a great Wednesday guys (SVU on tonight! 🙂 )



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