Law and Order SVU and Revenge Reviews

Apologies for the late submission, lots of uni work this week so I’ll make this quick.


Law and Order SVU’s latest episode “Dissonant Voices” wasn’t as good as it could have been. I’ve only been watching the show for under a year (no idea how I managed to finish 14 seasons in less than a year but oh well) and I’ve become attuned to knowing who the perps are and who the innocent are. For me it was so blatantly obvious that Jackie Walker was innocent that it kind of ruined the episode for me.

A 4-year old boy, Jonah, sees his music teacher Jackie Walker on TV and flips out saying that he doesn’t like him because he makes him play doctor and he doesn’t like playing doctor. When in the station, Benson is talking to him and he says that Mr Jackie tickles him in his privates with a “magic egg”. Jonah parents have recently divorced and so, when the father gets there, a big ruckus is caused which ends in the daughter telling Rollins that Jonah had disclosed to her a couple of weeks ago. She thought Jonah was just making it up though so she blames herself.

Benson is adamant that Mr Jackie is guilty and Rollins is the only one who thinks he’s innocent. Fin and Amanda go to the school to talk with Jackie Walker and find the purple “magic egg” which Jonah said Mr Jackie tickled him with. Later on, Rollins is at the Child Advocacy Centre with another boy, Cooper, who’s story is almost exactly the same as Jonah’s. He says he was tickled with some purple magic eggs in a special bathroom with has a window and bathtub (the only difference being Jonah said it was special because it had bluebirds and flowers).

DNA comes back on the eggs, positive for Jonah’s and an unknown sample but no DNA or prints of Jackie’s (should have been a major hint that this guy was innocent). They still go and interrogate Jackie about the DNA though and Benson barely gives him any chance to convince them that he’s telling the truth before leaving. As the press get wind of the charges, there is a segment showing one of his rising stars, who he’s been coaching for a TV show called American Diva, being asked about the charges. Jackie’s bail is set at $1 million in arraignment court, which he can’t afford.

Later on, Benson goes in to Dr Lindstrom for another session, this time talking about the case and he wants to know if she ever had someone to take care of her when she was a child because he thinks that is why Liv believes she has to be the one to save people. After this, back in SVU, there are 2 more kids, a girl and a boy, who have come forward to give almost the exact same story as Cooper and Jonah did. Rollins and Benson go to Jonah’s house and talk with his sister, Brooke, who breaks down and says Jackie touched her and used the magic eggs on her when she was 4. Next they go to Cooper’s house where Benson talks to his sister, Rachel, who also claims that Jackie used the eggs on her. Meanwhile, Rollins is helping/watching Cooper brush his teeth when she notices a stained glass window with bluebirds and pink flowers on it above the bathtub. Eventually, Cooper admits to Liv and Amanda that he forgets parts of the story sometimes and then he remembers and says Brooke told him the story.

After that, basically Rachel confesses to buying the eggs online and working with Brooke to get their own back on Jackie for him not choosing to coach them. Jackie is released from jail with a shattered reputation and the team, except Rollins, spends some time outside the courtroom trying to talk themselves into believing “we were just doing our job”.

6/10 at best I’d say. I was pretty sure I knew how it would end up almost as soon as they suspected Jackie. Never mind SVU, hope you start picking up your A-game again soon though.

Revenge’s latest episode “Resurgence” also majorly failed to impress. Usually, the 4th July episodes are the best episode before the season or midseason finale.

Jack hooked up with Margeaux after cock blocking himself at the first attempt. This is after he has visited Amanda’s grave, cried and removed his ring confessing that he’ll always love her, despite the fact he now knows the person buried there isn’t the real Amanda Clarke. Daniel and his ex, Sarah, start to get closer and he enlists her to bake his wedding cake.

Emily and Nolan didn’t really get up to much other than breaking into Conrad’s newly hired PR lady’s phone and taking her down just to save some time for Emily before the wedding. Aidan gets kicked out of the Grayson’s pool house and Charlotte still hates Emily (I have no idea why and I’m pretty certain more than half of the blogosphere has no clue either) and brings Sarah to Victoria’s 4th July party to try and get Daniel and her back together.

3/10. Come on Revenge! Are you really trying to be that one TV show that everyone used to love but now gets avoided like the black plague?

Have a good Tuesday folks and let me know what you thought this week in the comments.



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