Revenge and Law and Order SVU

SUPREMELY late post I know. Uni, work, social life. Promise to get back into the swing of things now.


Previously on SVU 15×09 Rapist Anonymous… Amanda Rollins was out with some people she met in GA and they go their separate ways, Rollins goes with Nate and Lena leaves with Gene. Later in the night Lena, knocks on Amanda’s door and tells her she was raped by Gene. Lena says she consented to having sex with him earlier but then he left and came back and raped her. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is at Brian and Olivia’s housewarming dinner where it is announced that Liv is now a Sergeant and Brian is back to being a detective, for IAB. There’s a lot of conversations between the squad members and Gene, Lena and Nate before we find out that Nate is a “13th stepper”. Amaro went undercover to an AA meeting where Nate was grooming a new girl who needed a sponsor. Next thing we know, Gene has “fallen” off the roof of Lena’s apartment building (it turns out they were having sex on the edge of the roof before he “fell”). In the end, Lena is found guilty after it is revealed that she used Nate as a way of manipulating Rollins to feel sorry for her. Right at the end, Amanda is gambling again. 7/10. Could have been better to be honest but I did like the little twist where Nate was a “13th stepper”.

Previously on Revenge 3×08 Secrecy. Daniel got closer with Sarah while Victoria planned a bridal luncheon for Emily that was nothing less than non-traditional. Bringing in Emily’s ex-husband who it turns out she only married to give him a green card was part of Victoria’s game to show Daniel who she really is. Margeaux was still fixated on finding out all the dirt she could on Conrad and her source was wholly unexpected. I mean, who would’ve thought that Lydia was still alive? (shocker for me!) Conrad gave Daniel the keys to his “bachelor pad” in the city where he would often entertain women other than Victoria. Daniel invites Sarah over and Victoria treats Emily to hearing about it over the phone from the elderly butler working there. Right at the end, Ems has to take some serious measures to get Daniel back on side by announcing that she’s pregnant. Absolutely loved the tension between Emily and Victoria in this episode and the dynamic that Daniel and Sarah had going. 8/10.

Revenge 3×09 Surrender. I didn’t feel like there was too much happening in this episode, revenge wise anyway. A lot of pictures of Emily and Daniel were taken for the Voulez spread. Lydia breaks into Grayson Manor while Emily is over talking to Victoria about the seating plan and pushes Emily on her way out. Daniel, believing Ems is pregnant, starts making a fuss and calling the doctor before he spills the news to Victoria. Emily leaks the news to the press which will allow Daniel to believe it was Victoria who did it. Margeaux is still looking for dirt on Conrad from Lydia before finding out the truth from Jack and vowing to drop the article. Charlotte turned a corner and started being really nice to Emily and at the end of the episode (the day before the wedding) Aidan proposes to Em and Victoria hand delivers her RSVP saying she won’t be attending, clearly throwing Emily’s plans out of whack. 7/10.

Absolutely devastated that Law and Order SVU isn’t on until January. Revenge is back again on Sunday December 15 which will be the last episode before Christmas break.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday folks!



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