Revenge 3×10 Review

Wow! Starting to surprise myself with how much I’m slacking with my blog. Accept my apologies? Please?


Didn’t feel this episode was as strong as it could have been. There was almost no action except right at the end. In Revenge’s mid-season finale “Exodus”, the following happened: Lydia worked out that Amanda Clarke is Emily Thorne and demanded to have her beach house back before telling Victoria about it. Patrick was brought back by Conrad who was tricked into believing that Emily wanted Victoria at the wedding for family and that Patrick would enable that to happen. Em is planning to jump overboard on purpose, after finishing setting up Victoria, and meet Aidan on the beach but nothing ever goes to plan on Revenge. First, Aidan fails to lock Victoria in her cabin because Lydia is also in there. Then Daniel gets a call from his ex, Sarah, to find her roommate on the other end of the line telling him that Sarah tried to kill herself. Daniel already seems plastered and goes outside where he hears Em admit that the pregnancy was fake and that she was using him before picking up the loaded gun and shooting Emily twice. She falls overboard and it isn’t long before the alarm is raised that there’s a man overboard. Meanwhile, Jack and Aidan wait on the beach until they see Emily’s wedding dress get washed ashore. So, the biggest question of the season – who shot Emily Thorne?- has been answered. Don’t feel like this met the standards of previous mid-season finales. 4/10.

Shame about the score for this one because there was a lot of potential in the episode. Oh well.

Hope you all have a great Saturday. Stay tuned for a Christmas haul/present thingy coming your way soon.



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