Welcome to 2014!

It’s officially 2014!! I hope y’all had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza or any other holiday you celebrated and as good a New Year as ever! To kick off the New Year, here’s a short post on what I got for Christmas (a little late, oopsie) and what I hope is to come in the ensuing 12 months. So sit back, grab that bottle and enjoy.


Just a small selection of items shown in the above picture which I fully intend on reviewing at some point in the very near future (bare in mind I have exams the next 2 weeks). To begin with, I received 4 makeup items from a brand called Makeover Essentials. I hadn’t heard of them prior to getting these products and am excited to try them out. I also received the original TangleTeezer. As also shown above I got 2 Pandora charms, a super duper cute snowman (can’t really tell in the pic) and a blue one. Let’s just say there’s not much room left on my bracelet now. A shiny new 2DS can also be seen above and, though 4 games are shown, I only received the 2 Professor Layton games on Christmas day and in fact bought Pokémon X and Puzzler World 2013. Finally, only one is shown above but I received the Only Fools and Horses edition Wasgij puzzle and The New Year Party puzzle by Linda Jane Smith (shown below). Also received a rather cute sweater with cats embroidered on the pockets and a pair of black leggings.


As always, far too much food was received (and consumed) by both me and my parents. Currently only have a holiday in September to enjoy in 2014 and I hope it shall be a very quiet year, much unlike 2013 was. I look forward to getting more into my blogging as we approach the 1 year anniversary in July and, as always, living life as fully and joyfully as possible even with all life’s ups and downs.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday

G’night y’all!



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