Revenge 3×11 Review


Well, after the mid-season finale I don’t think anyone knew what to expect really but what was to come last week was totally my kind of episode. Homecoming was filled with lots of action, revengeyness and confusion (literally).

At the end of the mid-season finale, the audience watched on as Emily was shot by Daniel and fell overboard while Aidan and Jack were frantically searching for her on the beach only to find her wedding dress washed ashore. Homecoming picked up right where it finished. Firstly, after making it to the buoy, Ems decided to go and climb onto another boat (possibly thinking it was Aidan) where Aidan found her and alerted the captain of the ship to the fact that Emily was there.

When Emily wakes up, she cannot remember what happened or who she is. I think most viewers thought it was just a rouse to get away from the Graysons and end them for good. Until Nolan hacks the hospital records and finds out she can’t possibly be faking because she suffered major cerebral damage. When Aidan attempts to take her away from the hospital dressed as a paramedic, she freaks out. When left alone with Charlotte, Emily says to her that she remembers her father was David Clarke.

Eventually, Daniel admits to his parents that it was he who shot Emily and we finally get to see the back of Lydia again as Conrad is forced to betray her to protect his son. Meanwhile, in the hospital, a nurse is in Emily’s room and almost ready to inject her with an unknown substance. We later find out that while this woman is a nurse, she is also in cahoots with Aidan (whether that’s with good intentions or not is, as yet, unknown) and seems to hold a candle for him.

Jack comes to see Emily and she eventually remembers being there when Amanda dies and that Daniel shot her.

Loved the dynamic between all characters in this episode, can’t wait to see this week’s episode. 8.5/10.

Much love guys



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