Law and Order SVU 15×10

When I got around to watching Psycho/Therapist on Friday I somehow found myself almost literally glued to the screen, both physically and emotionally. I’m not writing a review on this episode for 2 reasons: I have tried for days and still cannot come up with the words; it’s not an episode that can just be reviewed, it has to be watched too.

As many of you who read my blog may be aware, I was sexually assaulted a while back and it’s been a bumpy road for a while now. I thought I was doing OK lately until I watched this episode. The way I managed to connect to it on an emotional level completely dumbfounded me. I could have literally been in Benson’s position; facing my attacker in court; only, I never reported it so I never got a trial. It’s almost as if I felt that the trial against Lewis was basically the trial against my attacker. Yes, I’m aware that it sounds ridiculous and completely insane for this to happen but, hey, sometimes the truth sounds insane. At the end of the episode, I genuinely felt as though some burden that I didn’t know I was carrying had been lifted from my shoulders and I could breathe again. It was an extremely powerful episode and I’ve seen some SVU fans calling this “the new 9×15”. Alright, us fans all know that 9×15 is more like the season 15 premiere (even though the premiere was way more brutal than 9×15) but in terms of the power of the episode, I’d say 15×01, 15×10 and 9×15 are almost on par with each other. Maybe 15×10 is slightly ahead of the others but, still, they are basically at the same level as each other.

I strongly recommend you head off to watch this episode if you haven’t already watched it. I almost want to give it 10/10 because I can’t think of any faults with it at the moment except I remember being slightly annoyed at the end. I kind of hope the end was a spoiler for the finale and I also kind of don’t want it to be. 9.6/10.

Keep on blogging guys!



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