Pretty Little Liars 4×14 Review


The mid-season premiere Who’s in the Box? aired on Tuesday (yes, it’s that time of year again when everything is starting or re-starting) and brought more questions to the table.

So, as we all now know, Ali is alive and has been hiding out because she’s afraid of someone (probably Ezra, aka A). All 4 of the girls aren’t exactly jumping for joy to learn that Ali is alive. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that somebody is buried in Ali’s box and now they have no idea who. Apparently, Mrs D still changes the bedding on Ali’s bed (erm.. creepy much? you still think she’s dead!) and doesn’t know where Jason is even though she has a contact number for him that the Liars don’t have.

Hanna’s dad wants her to go to Australia with him and his new wife Isabelle but Hanna is determined not to go. Paige and Emily hit a little bit of a rough patch early on in the episode before Em started telling her how Ali was her “first love” and she broke her heart. Mona’s still on a mission to get Hanna back on side and Ezra’s back teaching at Rosewood High. Toby and Caleb are both back. Toby finally gets answers about his mother’s death and Caleb is acting so strangely that him and Hanna basically break up because she can’t stand him lying to her. Ashley gets a job in Mrs Dilaurentis’ office since she can’t get one anywhere else.

Hanna finds a girl online who she thinks could be the girl buried in the box because the timeline seems to fit. Until they find out from her friends that she was seen AFTER the cement was poured in Ali’s backyard. Spencer’s dad says they should try and get Radley shut for good and Ezra attempts to get Aria to rekindle their relationship at a cabin that’s out of the city. At the end, the diary that Hanna took from A’s lair has finally been cracked open.

With the direction the show is taking, I do want to know who is in the box, what the diary says about the girls and where Ali’s been hiding these past 4 seasons but I’m really getting disappointed with this season. I hope it picks up between now and the season finale. Questions always have answers, it would be nice to finally get them. I wasn’t particularly impressed with this weeks episode. 4/10.

Hope y’all are having a splendid January!



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