Pretty Little Liars 4×15 and Revenge 3×12 Review


This week’s Pretty Little Liars episode, Love ShAck Baby, picked up right where Who’s In the Box left off with the girls left pondering about the diary that Hanna took. Deciding they will take it in turns to read through the diary, Emily takes it first. That night Ali appears in her bedroom and the next day she’s come up with a very Spencer type system of coding the diary so they know which stories are about who. Later on, Emily leaves work early after finding a note in her bag, seemingly from Ali, asking to meet her at the kissing rock.

Meanwhile, Spencer arrives at Toby’s apartment and they have an interesting discussion about Radley possibly being shut down. When Spence gets home though, she finds out her dad has been in touch with Radley and Toby’s mum’s death wasn’t a suicide or a murder but an accident involving another fragile patient. Later on, she finds her dad and Mrs Dilaurentis alone in the house after Spence had been told to stay away from her. Of course, she ends up yelling at her father then rocking up to the coffee shop to tell Mrs D to find another lawyer that she hasn’t slept with and leave her family out of it. At the end of the episode, she asks to stay with Toby for a while.

Also in this episode, Ezra went into straight up A mode in his classroom after watching the girls with the diary at lunch and starts watching/listening to a recording of Ali saying she wants to find a way to not be Alison Dilaurentis anymore. Later on, turning up to Hanna’s house and going into her bedroom when Ashley wasn’t looking, clearly looking for the diary, and ends up on her laptop (God knows what he did on it).CeCe has been spotted in Maryland.

The girls take a road trip to some old hotel thinking Ali may be hiding there and end up breaking down. Luckily, (more like not-so-coincidentally) they aren’t too far from Ezra’s cabin so Aria leads them straight to it. After spending time in the car trying to work out who “Cradle Robber” was written about, Hanna finally admits it’s about her almost hooking up with Aria’s little brother, Mike. Hanna goes for a walk to see if she can find out where Travis is and Em goes with her. A comes in to the cabin, locks Spencer and Aria in the laundry room and takes the diary.

Yet more questions posed here than answered. Really need to start getting some answers from this show. 7/10, mainly for the high tension dynamics between the Hastings and Dilaurentis families.

Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Endurance, was yet another nail biting episode. Emily Grayson nee Thorne is now being effectively held captive in Grayson Manor and has, thankfully, “regained” the majority of her memories, (I say regained because it still isn’t clear if she faked the whole amnesia thing or if it was at least partly genuine). An episode well worth a watch so I won’t go into too much detail.

At the end of Homecoming, it seemed that Victoria was on course for running the show. That was until this week. Despite Emily admitting to Jack at the end of last week’s episode that she remembered Daniel was the one who shot her, she makes a shock announcement which will be sure to make the ground rather rocky for Victoria.

There’s a rather good argument between Jack and Daniel and an equally explosive argument between Victoria and long lost yet recently found son Patrick. If any of you have seen the episode or even just the promo for this episode, you’ll know that Emily is seen to be throwing a tray around the bedroom in Grayson Manor. This comes after a shock revelation she never saw coming. Of course, it comes from Victoria. Later on, Victoria is seen with Emily’s infinity box (with a little twist) and it seems as though she’s back in the drivers seat until Emily makes her brief announcement to the press.

Personally, I’d give this episode 8/10. I’d love to know what y’all thought of both these episodes so sound off in the comments. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.



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