Law and Order SVU 15×11 Review


Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Amaro’s One-Eighty, was kind of gripping and I found it was more about Nick’s conscience than anything else really.

When Rollins and Amaro leave Olivia’s apartment after having a few celebratory drinks, they don’t expect to be walking straight into the middle of a foot chase. The officer giving chase to the suspect gets hit by a cab and Nick takes off after the suspect while Amanda makes the 10-13 officer down call. Nick catches up to the other cop’s partner, Officer McKenna, and when it appears that she gets shot, starts firing around the wall at the suspect, a 14 year old boy who is suspected of carrying a gun.

When the place is cleared of gun shots, Nick approaches the suspect, now on the ground, who has been shot and is bleeding out. However, when Amaro can’t find the gun the kid is suspected of carrying, all hell breaks loose. IAB is brought in to deal with the situation “independently” and Nick becomes the city’s poster boy for shooting the 14 year old.

Throughout the entire episode, Nick has to deal with his guilt from shooting the boy and his paranoia that someone at One Police Plaza (One PP), the DA’s office or in politics has it in for him. The media and the reverend try to get Nick to admit that it was a racially motivated hate crime,given the fact that the boy was African-American, which we all know it wasn’t. Nick’s paranoia (the main reason for which being he had faith in the system and it’s now failing him) reaches the point where he misses Munch, the one who was the conspiracy theorist of the show, and ends up calling him at Liv’s suggestion.

Later on, Nick’s house is shot at when he is there with his mother, daughter and Olivia. He comes out with a baseball bat to confront the shooter(s). Liv talks him into staying at her place for a little while and he decides to go in front of the grand jury even though his own lawyer thinks it would be too risky and almost a suicide mission. However, things work out OK for Amaro and Cragen tells him he’ll most likely have to be retrained, take anger management and be stuck on desk duty for a while.

Captain Cragen announced right at the end that he was retiring early because he had enough accrued holiday days to take him right up to his mandatory retirement date. I liked how this departure, like Munch’s, was kept low key and not taken over the top. Now Olivia’s in charge for a while, I can’t wait to see how she manages the squad. I also wonder how long it will be until they try and replace her and get someone else to manage the squad.

It’s odd that the entire episode focused solely on Nick’s actions as opposed to the actions of the Officer McKenna who got shot (from the ricochet of her own bullet when she tripped and accidentally pulled the trigger) who was the one who mistakenly saw a gun and essentially caused Nick to start firing. Had Officer McKenna not thought she’d seen a gun, the chase wouldn’t have happened, Nick wouldn’t have followed her and she wouldn’t have shot herself making Nick shoot back thinking the suspect had shot her. It’s disappointing that some, if not most, organisations including the NYPD will say that they will look out for their own but the second they become suspected of illegal activity they are ready to take them down from within. Personally would have liked to see Officer McKenna’s actions brought under more scrutiny than they where but, hey, that’s how the episode went.

8/10 purely because of the lack of scrutiny over Officer McKenna’s actions.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!



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