Revenge 3×13 and PLL 4×16 Review


Sunday night’s Revenge episode, Hatred, proved to be almost worth the hype the promo produced. As many of you may have guessed, this episode primarily focused on the hatred and games going on between Daniel and Emily Grayson née Thorne. Emily’s amnesia has taken a new twist, resulting in her having coincidental, appropriately timed black outs. Daniel has pretty much turned into his father now (even though I’m sure we all remember that time in the 1st or 2nd season when he said he would do anything to NOT be like him). Sara has also now turned into the home-wrecker she swore never to become. Admittedly, the twists in the show do tend to add a small extra dynamic to the program but does Revenge really need it? Patrick is disgusted to find out, from Nolan nonetheless, that his biological father went looking for him at some point and was arrested for trespass. Naturally, he has a go at Victoria for not having mentioned anything about his biological father attempting to find him. Of course, he’d come to understand the situation surrounding Victoria’s history with his biological father later than he should have, when Victoria runs into him at the bar and has a very PTSD like panic attack. While back in Grayson manor, Victoria, now calmer, recants the story of her rape and how she felt about Patrick when he was born, explaining that she had instructed the Sister to not allow his biological father any contact with Patrick. At the end of the episode, Em blacks out on her own bed after yet another argument with Daniel (about Em forcing Sara out by getting her mum involved) and wakes up the next morning in Conrad’s bed with no recollection of what happened. 7/10. Side storylines were better than the main one this episode. Interested to see where the Conrad/Emily storyline will go. Revenge is currently taking a short hiatus and will return March 9th. Here’s the link to the promo:

Tuesday night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Close Encounters, carried on with the current trend of kicking off where the last episode ended. This time the girls managed to get to the Busy Bee inn but, apparently, not before A. I didn’t feel like much really happened with this episode. Hopefully that means it was just a bridging episode between last weeks and the one coming up on Tuesday. Most of the episode focused on Emily trying to reach out to Ali, through Shauna of all people, while Spencer concentrated on Toby and the whole Radley situation. Hanna remained in a slump about Caleb leaving and ended up kissing Travis before going out to some place where she could toss plates at a wall (if there really are places like this I could use one once in a while!). Aria really just spent the episode being all lovey dovey with Ezra again, before and after breaking Jake’s heart. However, despite us knowing that Ezra is possibly A, right at the end we see another person wearing the signature black hoodie and gloves tearing up and burning one half of a picture of Ali and Shauna. Clearly, this person cannot be Ezra given he is currently quite content on the couch with Aria. Theoretically, there has to be more than one A lair and Ezra must just be part of the A team. It’s highly possible he isn’t “big A”. 5/10. Would have given it 3 or 4 if it weren’t for the final black hoodie sequence. Hope it starts to pick up pace again soon.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their week!



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