E.l.f Nail Set Reviews

Evening (early morning)all! Waaay back in July, which feels about a century ago, I made a purchase of nail products from E.l.f. One of these purchases was the Glam Bam Nail set, shown below.


IMG_0437 IMG_0453 IMG_0466

From left to right, Golden Goddess, Blush and Cranberry. All of these colours are absolutely gorgeous. Blush is very sheer and I needed 2 coats to get the results shown above. Golden Goddess would best be used as a top coat I imagine. My favourite from this set was definitely Cranberry. It’s the perfect metallic ruby colour and easily compliments any outfit whereas I feel Blush would only work well with dark outfits.

I love that E.l.f don’t use any Toluene, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) which have been known to contribute a risk to cancer development, reproductive issues and other health defects. Originally, I thought that removing these would make the varnish much less long lasting but I find these last just as long as any other nail polish containing these 3 toxins. This is great because I normally paint my nails once a week so it’s great to not be exposed to these toxins every time I want to paint my nails.

Anyway,at that time I also purchased 2 other sets:  Nice and Natural & Vacation Trio

elfnatural.jpg elfvacay.jpg

Nice and Natural consists of (from top to bottom) Innocent, Nude (sorry for the sucky lighting) and Smokey Brown. Favourite for me has to be smokey brown (obsessed!). In some lights it looks a dark brown and then you move and it looks grey. Nude and Innocent are both very similar but Nude definitely has more yellow tones in it while Innocent verges more toward a very watered down brown colour.

Vacation Trio is my favourite out of the 3 sets and includes Mint Cream, Lilac and Punk Purple. Love all these colours and I’m very glad I purchased all of these sets. Mint Cream is almost a seafoam colour while Punk Purple is a nice light plum colour. Lilac is exactly what it says on the bottle, lilac.

Hope y’all are having a great day, week, month and year so far!



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