Law and Order SVU 15×12 Review


Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Jersey Breakdown, could definitely be described as more complicated than it first appeared to be.

The special victims case that the team had involved a underage girl, Clare, who had illegally been working in a strip club and who had been raped. Found in an alley by some drunk guys (one of whom seriously looks like they’re ready to take her for a second round of the worst night of her life) who start messing with her when a dude on probation duty catches them. Despite the fact that nobody called the police, they turned up awfully quickly.

Originally Clare doesn’t want to talk but Benson and Rollins convince her to in the end. She ends up being arrested and arraigned in court in New Jersey by Judge Dolan and sent to a juvenile facility called Knollwood where the practices are more than unnecessary. The squad team up with the Federal Task Force to give them more power than working alone would. The team look into various suspect’s financials. Turns out that the guy she was working for, Masconi, also was working with Knollwood and Knollwood were paying out kickbacks to Judge Dolan for every kid he sent there. It also turns out that the judge is the one who raped her.

There was a lot of personal drama going on in the squad room this week. Except with Fin. The writers never seem to give Fin much drama. Meanwhile, Rollins is back gambling and using poor excuses for being late (my dog was at the vet really is the equivalent of my dog ate my homework), Nick is starting to develop a really childish attitude to being stuck on desk duty and Benson is getting stressed with adjusting to being the boss at work and having to make decisions, so much so that she snaps at Brian later on in the episode when he asks her to decide what she wants for dinner.

I felt like there was too much personal drama and it kind of swamped out the entire case story. Hopefully we’ll see more of the case next week. 6/10.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend



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