Pretty Little Liars 4×17 Review


Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Bite Your Tongue, was a rather gripping one compared to others as of late. There was just something about the atmosphere in this episode.

Hanna’s starting to venture out of the “dumb blonde persona” territory and started reading detective books. Detective Holbrook even turned up out of the blue (anyone remember this guy? first couple episodes he made an appearance then just vanished. sound familiar?) to apologise to Hanna and even recommends another book for her to read. This actually helped her to work out a plan to investigate something that she (and probably nobody else) would ever have thought of. She goes down to the dentist to get the Labour Day files out and see who else apart from Ali had an appointment that day.

Spencer gets some drugs from her classmate (and smarty pants rival) Andrew and stays up all night trying to work out who Board Shorts is. When reading a story that Ali wrote in her diary, she finds that Board Shorts ordered a beer and poison-berry pie when out on a “date” with Ali. Spence heads over to that same bar where she finds Ezra eating poison-berry pie. He cancels the rest of his order and leaves. While Spencer is sat at the table, the waitress brings over the rest of his order, part of which is a beer: Board Shorts Ale, revealing that, as many fans suspected, Ezra is Board Shorts.

Aria spent 98% of the episode worrying about her brother Mike being suddenly all lovey-dovey with Mona (and trying to convince the new counsellor Jesse to discourage it). When she wasn’t doing that she was hanging out with Emily or studying.

Emily spent most of her time in this episode being scared of even being at home, almost stabbing her dad with some scissors when he came into her room at night, and still being angry at Spencer for last week’s episode. After her dad convinces Ezra to give her something to keep her distracted, Emily stays late after school to meet Ezra who never turns up. Stuff that would be better featured in  any thriller/horror movie start to happen, lights flicker and weird music starts playing over the tannoy spontaneously. Emily is chased into a room which then somehow becomes locked as A tries to force their way in just as Em’s dad pulls up in the car to rescue her by climbing up the pipe to the window. After this happens, we find out that Emily’s dad didn’t just come back for a visit but he failed some tests at his Army base camp and is still waiting on results but it looks like there could be something wrong with his heart.

Pretty good episode, much better than last weeks less than average episode. 7/10.

Hope everyone’s having a great Friday! (Drink responsibly guys)



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