Law and Order SVU 15×13 Review


Wednesday’s episode of SVU, Betrayal’s Climax, showed us that it can still bring the twists and that’s the reason why we continue to watch this show after 15 years.

While Benson is being sworn in as Sergeant, Amanda and Fin take a call about a missing 16 year old, Avery, whom her parents believe may have been hurt due to the small blood spot on their bed sheets. When further investigations bring up the subject of her boyfriend, Manny, it becomes clear that the parents were rather disapproving, what with Avery being from the Westside and Manny being from the projects.

After the squad find Manny, who runs with the same gang who killed his brother, he refuses to speak against his fellow gang members, even though he knew the gang was on their way over to rape Avery. However, it’s blatantly obvious that he also wants to help Avery. Meanwhile, Avery has identified the 3 gang members but tells Amanda and Olivia that she doesn’t want to testify because she kept reaching orgasm while she was being raped and has never been able to orgasm with Manny. She also believes that this is the reason that Manny won’t testify against the gang.

Eventually, Amaro and Fin manage to convince Manny to testify against the gang. He manages to have his testimony recorded on tape before going back to his cell and being murdered with his tongue cut out.

Right at the end, Olivia and DA Barba tell OJ, the gang leader, that he’s going to jail for his conversation  with his girlfriend about what was going to happen to Manny. When he threatens Benson, she tells him she has the biggest gang in the city and to challenge the NYPD and see how far he gets.

Really liked this episode, good dynamics. 8/10. I’m so stoked for this week’s episode!

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday!



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