Pretty Little Liars 4×18 Review


This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hot for Teacher, was full of investigations right from the off, finally!

Spencer was getting closer to figuring out who Ezra really , with her excellent spying skills (oh and did I mention she’d now on prescription drugs to stay awake all night?) and finally tells Hanna and Emily about her crazy, yet highly possible, theory. Mainly because she had to tell Hanna why she was at Ezra’s apartment block before she finds out about the hidden, not so much hidden, camera just outside Ezra’s apartment door.

Meanwhile, Hanna was doing the investigating police-style. Following Spencer round and doing stake outs with Emily (only without the donuts and coffee), focusing on the small details that many people often overlook.

Emily was kicking her own Ali investigation up to an 11 and trying to get Shana on side. Eventually, Shana needed Em’s help and she had to go in to Alison’s bedroom to get some money and an address out of the back of a poster with twins on it (hint or red herring people? opinions please).

The only one not doing any investigating was Aria. She spent most of the episode with Ezra which culminated in them spending the weekend in his cabin in the woods (seriously, why is there always a cabin in the woods with a creepy basement in, like, everything lately?). When he manages to trick her into going to the shop for chickpeas, he moseys on down to the basement to look at PI type photos of the other girls. A little later on we find out he basically has everything he owns rigged with cameras, including his own bedroom in the cabin where he watches Aria sleeping from inside his car.

I like it when they go full on investigation mode. 9/10. Also loved the fact that Hanna and Caleb were able to resolve things on the Ravenswood finale episode crossover. Can’t wait for next week’s noir inspired episode.

Hope everyone’s having an amazing Thursday!



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