Law and Order SVU 15×14 Review


Wednesday night’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Wednesday’s Child, focused on a case in which a mother, Lisa, who gave her adopted son, Nicky, to another couple. Meanwhile, the usual drama of the squad room was much less prominent this week and mainly focused on Olivia’s personal life.

Right at the start of the episode, Olivia is having a strange nightmare about Williams holding a metronome and saying tick tock as a metaphor for the biological clock. Not long after, Benson goes to the drug store and picks up a pregnancy test before heading in to work where they have a high profile missing child case to deal with. Later on in the episode, Olivia finds out the test was negative and visits her therapist’s office (I think his name is Lindstrom but I’m not entirely sure) and admits that she was imagining a whole other life when she thought she was pregnant and that she’s not as happy as she should be that the test was negative.

Nicky was originally reported as missing by his father, a UN doctor, when he is not in his bed late at night. Later on, when the squad interview Lisa, they show her a picture of her driving a car with the empty child seat in the back and all she can say is “I had to”, leaving us all to wonder what it was she “had” to do. When pushed on the subject, she reveals that she gave Nicky to a new family in Connecticut who had said they could handle Nicky’s developmental issues from being raised in an orphanage in Georgia (the country not the state) for most of his life.

When the team finally manage to track down this couple, it turns out that they are both on the sex offenders register for making underage porn videos. After searching and finding an abandoned house, save for some videotapes of young girls, the team finally manage to track down the woman who has Nicky, Alexa, after they send out amber alerts on all people requesting insulin at pharmacies. When Alexa is arrested, the detectives use the fact that she has lost a child to get her to talk about Nicky and give up her husband, Roger.

In the hotel room where Roger is staying, the team find 2 girls and a baby boy whom Alexa and Roger have also “adopted”. As the team’s investigation leads them to an airport, footage arises of Roger, who previously ahd only been seen in a wheelchair, walking. This information supposedly devastates his wife and Roger plays dumb while being both arrested and interrogated. Finally, Nicky is found in an airplane, which was due to leave for Georgia (the state, not the country) bathroom passed out and nobody has any idea how he got there.

Liked this episode but didn’t feel it was as strong as other episodes this season. 6/10. Pretty sure most people watched it to see how the whole Benson may be pregnant thing turned out. Can’t believe the show isn’t on for the next 3 weeks. Will have to re-watch my favourite episodes just to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Hope everyone’s having a fantabulous weekend!



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