Pretty Little Liars 4×19 Review


Tuesday night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Shadow Play, saw the group transported back in time to the 1940s in a drug-addled Spencer’s mind.

To open, we are in the present, colourful, day and Hanna, Emily and Spencer are searching  Ezra’s classroom for something tying him to their suspicions. When they find Ali’s diary in a Manila envelope all too easily, they begin to suspect that someone, probably Shana, is in cahoots with Ezra. As they leave the classroom with Ali’s diary, the see Mona enter the classroom and leave with papers, either to steal or delivering them. Back at Spencer’s house, the girls get into a tiff about not knowing enough about Shana and ask Emily to talk to Paige about when they were together. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra are on their way back from the cabin in the middle of the woods and Aria is thinking about the story she’s writing. Saying that she was writing it about the hero and then became more interested in the villain.

Later that night, Spencer is popping pills, watching a black and white gangster movie and flicking through Ali’s diary. As she closes her eyes, we are transported into the 1940 noir section of the episode. Toby enters and so ensues a heated discussion about the pills. Next morning, Spencer is in the Brew for her morning coffee when Ezra pops up, offers to pay for the coffee and claims it’s his way of apologising for their conversation the other day before inviting her back to the Hart and the Huntsman. When Spencer doesn’t promise to go back, he stands in her way until she does before asking “cross your heart and hope to die?” (creepy factor just got turned up!)

In the school bathrooms, Hanna, Em and Spencer are having a conversation about keeping an eye on Ezra after Spence mentions that she thinks he’s back with Aria. When Aria enters, they ask her about Syracuse and Spencer asks if she visited the Erie Canal Museum to which Aria replies no, claiming it was closed.

Back in the Hastings’ household, Spencer calls the number from the money stack that Emily retrieved for Ali which, it turns out, is for the Fitzgerald Art Foundation. Toby enters and they have yet another heated discussion about Alison and whether she could be alive or not. Meanwhile, Emily is asking Paige about her time with Shana and Hanna is scoping out Ezra’s apartment where he is with Mona. The entire way through this episode, the writers chose to keep things as 1940s as possible, even going so far as to ensure that the viewers understood that Paige and Emily’s romance was forbidden as it would have been in those days.

Early in the morning, Spencer gets a call from Mona who tells her that Hanna is in Ezra’s apartment and she best go get her while she’s still breathing. A tension filled scene follows in which Ezra accuses Spencer of not telling Aria about her suspicions because she isn’t 100% sure. As they leave, Hanna finds out about the phone number being connected to the Fitzgerald Art Foundation. Later on, Aria is showing Paige how to use her camera for the canoe trip she is going on with Emily and Ezra has a man-to-man talk with Toby, telling him that Ali’s alive and Spence knows where to find her.

Now back at home, Spencer pops yet another pill and turns around to find Ali standing in her living room. Ali confronts her about the pills leading to Spence accidentally knocking all the pills down the sink and desperately trying to retrieve them before Toby pulls her hand out. Toby takes her back to his apartment, now set up as a police interrogation room, and questions her about Ali. He tells her there’s a reason she has the diary.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Aria sip champagne and he tells her he knows her secret, that Ali’s alive. Hanna works the switchboard and, pretending to be someone who works for the Fitz’s, gets a copy of the message that Ali left for them. Paige and Emily spend another scene together culminating in an extremely passionate kiss.

Later on, Aria is in the Brew when Spencer enters and tells her that she’s been seeing Ezra again. Spencer almost tells her what she was thinking but Hanna turns up and interrupts, saying she’s found Ali. The group gather and go to the address Hanna has where they find Ali working as a showgirl. Ali gets angry and an argument commences in which she accuses Spencer of having already tried to kill her once (I wonder what that means. Could this be Spencer’s big secret??) Ezra turns up and calls out for Aria. When Aria walks toward him, he takes out a lighter and we find out it’s Toby and he has hit Ezra. They all pile into a car and Aria asks Toby why he hit Ezra. Nobody answers and Toby keeps telling Spencer she needs to look at the pages not the book. She doesn’t understand what he means, saying it’s the same thing.

Spencer wakes up and we find ourselves back in full colour reality. She picks up the book. When Emily and Hanna go over, Spencer explains that the book is a decoy. Tiny details have been changed and she wouldn’t have realised if she hadn’t checked the photos on her phone. They all realise that this means that Ezra knows they know about him and they decide they should tell Aria right away. When she doesn’t pick up her phone, the girls go over to her house where they see her alone with, and kissing, Ezra.

Great episode, really set the tone for the last 5 episodes of the season while answering some current, very key questions. 9/10. Aria finds out all next week, cannot wait for the fallout.

Hope y’all are having a great Friday!!



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