Lush Rose Jam and Flying Fox Review

Just before Christmas I was passing by Lush and, as usual, was drawn in by the magnificent scents. I ended up buying not one but 2 of the best smelling shower gels EVER!


This Limited Edition shower gel smells, as the bottle says, just like roses. Except it’s not the normal overpowering, overperfumed rose scent. With there also being lemon in the bottle, it sort of muddies the rose scent.


Flying Fox is a Lushious (apologies for the pun) combination of honey and jasmine. Again, it’s not overpoweringly scented like a lot of lavender products from various other retailers can be but it also isn’t very noticeable. I could smell honey more than I could the jasmine. Having a lot of honey products in it, I found Flying Fox to be slightly thicker than Rose Jam and so it lasted longer.

As always, both of these shower gels leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and, though I only bought the 100g bottles, last for absolutely ages. At £4.95 for the 100g bottles, they are very reasonably priced for being all organic ingredients. 9/10 for Rose Jam and 9.5/10 for Flying Fox.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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