Pretty Little Liars 4×20 Review


This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Free Fall, promised to be an extremely intense episode and boy did it deliver.

Right from the off, Spencer was dropping the ball and the other girls were convinced by Ezra, and her file, that she could be making this stuff up. Apparently, Spencer was going through something exactly this 2 years. That would put us in the second season and I don’t remember seeing any hint of anything like this then.

Aria finally finds out that Ezra is A. Or is he? He claims he was just writing a book about Alison and says he stopped when he realised he’d fallen in love with Aria. Ezra definitely doesn’t want Aria reading any more than the first page though. Dodgy.

With Spencer’s credibility shot to pieces, she still somehow manages to convince the girls to lure Ezra into thinking they are meeting Alison at Ambrose Pavillion. The plan involves leaving the money Ali needs in plain view and Spencer would dress up as Ali. When Spencer is late and a strange blonde (black veil?) takes the money, there’s not much else the girls can do. They’re at Ambrose Pavillion, in the middle of a zoo, and they’ve just lost the money Ali was needing to continue running.

Spencer ditches her mom’s dinner by saying she’s having dinner at Toby’s and tells Toby she’s having dinner with her mom when really she’s running off to carry out the plan.

The scene on the ski lift with Ezra and Aria was almost as hilarious as it was serious. Who jumps on a ski lift to escape someone? Those things go like 2mph.

All in all, highly intense episode with rather a few twists and turns. Can’t believe Ezra isn’t A though. Too many clues that he is. 9/10. Really looking forward to seeing how Aria handles this.

Hope y’all are having a fab Friday!



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