Pretty Little Liars 4×21 Review


This Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, She’s Come Undone, proved to be just as full of suspense as last week’s episode.

With the main focus being on Aria this week, the episode began in Aria’s living room where she was telling the other girls the minute amount of details she actually read in Ezra’s manuscript before it went flying out of her hands from halfway up a ski lift. The others seemed to like bringing up Ali in relation to Ezra at this point even though Aria clearly was only interested in the fact that “He never really loved me”

Later on, Aria throws up after a flashback of the first time she met Ezra then goes on a rampage into school where she storms into Ezra’s room and, despite the fact he isn’t there, demands to talk with him. Dissatisfied with the fact that he’s out of school for a “family emergency”, she goes to his apartment expecting to find him there. When she doesn’t, she finds photos and more of Ezra’s research and trashes the place. Back at home, Aria is burning pages of one of Ezra’s notebooks, which is only succeeding in making her feel worse, and when she finds out that he is in NYC sorting out a release date for his Ali book, she storms down to Principal Hackett’s house where Hanna just about manages to stop her from exposing Ezra.

Shana has been in contact with Emily. She’s in Georgia and needs her to post the $5K she has for Alison by 6pm. Of course, Paige figures out that Em is lying when she tells her that her grandma gave it to her and follows her to the courier office. There she confronts Emily just before she’s about to post it and they take their conversation outside. Paige gives her an ultimatum to break off all contact with Ali and she’ll not tell Mrs Dilaurentis or the cops that Ali is alive. What does she end up doing? Going to the police and dropping a note that says “I know for a fact that Alison Dilaurentis is alive. Start looking for her” and an address into a conveniently rolled down window on a patrol car.

Hanna spent most of the episode getting involved in Travis’ dads court case and trying to get Detective Holbrook to speak up about the way that Wilden was, given that the case is about something that Wilden was blackmailing Travis’ dad with. Later on, she kisses Holbrook, in PUBLIC, and he becomes one of the first adult guys in 4 seasons to say no to the advances of a teenage girl.

Spencer’s parents are becoming increasingly worried about Spence hitting up the pills (again? 2 years later?) and have her bags all packed to go to rehab in Philly. When Spencer pleads with them to let her get off the pills herself they agree under the conditions that she take the withdrawal medication under their supervision and goes immediately home after school. At Toby’s, Spencer apologises for ruining dinner but Toby tells her he’s more upset that she couldn’t share her troubles with him and he just wants to help her, like any normal half-decent boyfriend.

When A puts a bottle of pills in Spencer’s locker, Spencer tosses them into her bag claiming to Emily that she’ll toss them away as far as possible from the school and her house. Even though Em knows it’s a bad idea to let her take them with her, she doesn’t say anything. Later that night, Spencer can’t handle the withdrawal anymore and takes one. Clearly, she thinks that she can come off them gradually instead of quitting cold turkey. This is, of course, after she has found a note about the night Ali disappeared which detailed the events that Spencer can’t remember. We then saw a flashback of Ali and Spence arguing that night and Spencer picks up THE shovel (from season 2, the one that A buried that had Ali’s blood on) and apparently attacks her. According to the note, Mrs D saw this happen too so Spence goes round to Ali’s house and begs her for answers.

8/10.I do love a high intensity episode! Can’t wait to get all the answers from Ali in the finale. Only 3 weeks guys!

Hope y’all are having a grand Friday!



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