Pretty Little Liars 4×22 Review


Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Cover For Me, saw Spencer seeking treatment for her addiction, Hanna trying to stay clear of trouble, Emily taking a stand and Aria, yes you guesses it, dealing with her heartbreak.

To begin with, Spencer has just come back from rehab and her family have now got some drug and alcohol counsellor, Dean, staying with her to keep her on track. She’d not allowed any of her electronics and yet manages to take her phone back on more than one occasion. I don’t feel like there’s been much A meddling the past week or so and perhaps the writers picked up on that. Spencer wakes in the middle of the night to find dirt at the end of her bed and a note from A. Mrs Dilaurentis also shows up in the Hastings household on 2 occasions this week. Once to ask Veronica about her charity event where she makes some flippant comment about no mother should ever have to watch their child die and then again at the end of the episode where she appears, A-style, in Spencer’s bedroom.

Aria has run off to Syracuse to “spend time with her dad” and has ended up at a frat party kissing some guy then waking up in his bedroom the next morning. When she gets back to Rosewood, she goes to see Ezra and tells him he needs to leave. For good. Before she can leave his apartment though, he hands her a copy of his manuscript for the book, which he says he was returning the advance for. When Aria reads it and finds something of interest, an SOS is sent to the other girls and they all meet up at Em’s. Turns out Ezra thought that Mrs D was A. In between all this, Aria has to deal with Mike, who’s just been dumped by Mona because of Fitz.

Hanna tried to avoid any trouble this week, primarily by attempting to avoid Detective Holbrook after last week’s… incident. This time when she runs into him, and Detective Tanner, she’s confronted with the note that Paige anonymously left in the police car last week. Though Hanna doesn’t know that Paige wrote the note, or even that Ali is still alive, she finally puts the pieces together, asking Emily at the end of the episode if she told Paige about Ali. She also scores a date with Travis and spends the entire meal on her phone. Mrs D sees them and makes the situation seemingly awkward for Hanna.

Emily didn’t have much of a role in this episode, except of course when she stood up to Ezra. Maybe she still thinks he’s A and that’s why she’s so angry at him or maybe she just hates seeing her friend this broken  up about it. We don’t really know. If only this show gave us the characters inner monologues sometimes!

7/10 What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Holbrook: on the liars side or undercover and pretending?

Hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday



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