Pretty Little Liars 4×24 and Revenge 3×15 Review


Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Struggle, saw us uncover another piece of the real Amanda Clarke puzzle and also Victoria’s softer side.

As a little reminder since I didn’t post a full review of the last episode, Emily has been blacking out, Patrick accidentally killed his rapist father while protecting Victoria, Stevie Grayson, Conrad’s first wife, turned up and told Jack that she’s his mother and Charlotte was hoping to get a job in Voulez while Daniel had the perfect plan for this.

Not only has Emily been blacking out the past few episodes but at the start of this week’s episode she threatened to do something that could rip the very fabric of her plans wide apart. That’s right, she threatened to kill all the Grayson’s, and I mean ALL. However, when she turned up to Conrad’s suite at the South Fork Inn, Aidan followed suit and saved her from making the biggest mistake of her revengenda. Aidan then helps her relive the memory that’s been causing her to black out. One of her father wanting her and Victoria to be family and of her father carving the double infinity sign, which she destroys, on the day he was taken away. After this, she stops having black outs.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is working for Voulez alongside Conrad while secretly spying on him for Daniel who hires a PI to follow Em. Stevie is trying to reconnect with Jack and reveals she’s holding back because the reason she left is that she was an alcoholic. Patrick is losing his mind over the fact that he killed his father, even though he was a rapist and Patrick was just protecting Victoria from him then receives an offer to work in a Tuscan art studio for a famous artist.

Victoria and Nolan spent a surprisingly long time together, one-on-one, this episode. Turns out Victoria was just having Nolan help her iron out some of the finer details for her plan to get Patrick away and to safety. Unfortunately, this meant she had to have him believe that she was a monster who wanted Stevie Grayson dead.

All in all, a fantastic episode. 9/10.

On Tuesday, Pretty Little Liars aired it’s season finale A is for Answers which saw the girls pick up where we’d left off last episode.

In case you missed it, last episode the girls volunteered themselves to walk the bridal catwalk for a good cause and managed to sneak into Ali’s bedroom where they found a way to contact her. Ali told them where to go and the girls took off to some run down place in Philly.

At the start of this episode, we find out that Ali has sent Noel Kahn (remember him?) to bring the girls to her. Nobody can understand why she trusts him though but Alison just says he has secrets too. Then begins the story of what really happened that night when Ali went missing.

Turns out, her mum tried to stop her going out but, being too preoccupied with a serious sounding phone call, Ali managed to steal some sleeping pills and head off to the barn party. The plan was to get the others to sleep so Ali could make sure that they weren’t A. She spent most of the night running around meeting people. Ian, Ezra and Byron were all visited by Ali that night. Alison had to tell Ian she had his tapes, tell Byron she had the tapes and Ezra appeared out of the blue angry at her for having lied about her age. Alison also explains that Ezra is in this for Aria now because he hopes that if he can make it safe for Ali to come back, then Aria will go back to him.

Of course, Spencer hadn’t fallen asleep like Emily, Aria and Hanna had because she’d been wired on speed, which Ali found out about that night. Alison filled in the rest of the blanks in Spencer’s head, finally putting her mind at ease that it wasn’t her who killed the girl in the grave nor had she hurt Alison. We also discover that Alison wasn’t hit in the head with a shovel as we’ve been let to believe but by a rock to the head. As her mother watched. Who then buried her alive. After which, Mrs Grundwald pulled her out and took her to the hospital, where she ran.

Mona found Alison walking along the street and said she’d “take care” of her. Of course, Ali soon realised she’d been had by Mona who, it appears, may have been working for A all along given that creepy segment where Alison was sleeping in the room next door to where Mona was setting up the dollhouse the girls received in season 2.

Near the end, A finds the girls and takes out a gun to threaten the girls. A fight ensues which sees the gun end up in Hanna’s hands and A nearly removes the mask they’re wearing. (I swear to God PLL, if you don’t reveal A by the end of next season I’m done! Just kidding, I could never be done 🙂 ) This fight ends up on the roof where Ezra turns up out of the blue and full on fist fights with A (According to Ian Harding the scene was shot a lot more violently and with about 5 minutes more than the aired scene) and it turns out he got shot at one point. After A jumps from the roof of one building to the roof of another, Aria goes to speak to Ezra and sees his wound just before he collapses to the floor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Hastings family is being interviewed, separately, and the house is being searched while the police search for the girls. Of course, their efforts are completely fruitless as where Spencer’s car is isn’t where they are. The girls are in NYC not Philly anymore. Melissa admits to Peter that she knows Spencer didn’t kill the girl in Alison’s grave and, by the look on his face, I’d say she told him that she did it or she knows exactly who it was that did it. My bet’s on the former. Jessica DiLaurentis was seen at the end being buried in a shallow grave of her own, apparently murdered.

Is intense the right word? I’m not sure but I know this was probably one of the best finale’s of the series. 9.5/10. High expectations for the season 5 premiere on June 10 as it’s been promised to feel almost like part 2 of the finale rather than a premiere.

Hope y’all are having a great Thursday night!



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