Blogging Absence

Apologies folks for my complete lack of posts the past couple of weeks. Things have been crazy hectic at work and with Uni. I may be losing my mind with this coursework!


So, finals are coming up in 2 weeks and I’m totally not ready. I have 2 tests next week. On the same day. I also have to hand in a portfolio which still needs completing in 2 weeks. Then on top of all of that I’m having to look for a flat so I’m not spending my entire student loan on rent every month and nobody has any clue what’s really going on in work because our boss is completely intent on making sure everyone is as stressed as is possible.


It’s safe to say I’m lucky if I have a quick 5 minutes to myself because I still have to fit sleeping and eating around all of this! So I apologise for not posting any reviews or other posts people, I’m really swamped right now. Maybe I’ll reblog some of my older posts a couple times  a week. For now at least though, you’ll have to go somewhere else to find out what happened on Revenge or SVU. I am still able to watch them, it’s just difficult. I’ll be back posting more regularly around the end of April, start of May. Sorry for the long hiatus but lets be honest here, it’s no Sherlock 2 year hiatus!

I shall return!

For now, have a great week y’all!



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