Are You a Fighter?

Sorry guys. Only one more final to do next Thursday and that’s me. Hope y’all can still enjoy this. I promise there’ll be new posts on the way soon. Pinkie promise. Miss y’all

Joyful Musings

Many times in my life I’ve asked myself this very question. What’s the answer? For me, it’s always fighter. For others, it depends. I’ve seen people who are fighters. Some who fight for some things and wait for others. I’ve even known people who were quite content to wait around for everything to be done for them by other people.

This question will mean many things to many people but, in this context, it doesn’t mean ask yourself if you are you violent. It means to ask if you fight for what is right, for what you want and for what you believe in. I wish more people realised this. I’ve actually asked people this very question on occasion and received an answer along the lines of, “well I don’t like hitting people so I guess I’m not a fighter.”

Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks. There’s been many well known fighters in…

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