I’m Back Baby!

It has officially been 5 weeks since I started my hiatus during finals and I’m proud to announce they are finally over! So, as of today, expect a minimum of 2 posts a week. Hello Summer, hello blogging!

I’ve missed quite a lot of TV reviews so I’ll give it a quick break down for the past 5 weeks. Therefore, there may be SPOILERS ahead.

Over the past 5 episodes of Revenge, Disgrace, Addiction, Blood, Allegiance and Revolution, Margeaux’s father, Pascal, has appeared in town, Jack and Margeaux broke up after Daniel was meddling, Emily and Victoria had a pretty huge blow out at the opera when Ems decided to “leak” the information about her pregnancy being fake, Pascal and Victoria got engaged. Emily and Aiden went to England to see if they could find out any information about someone and Aiden later finds out his father was murdered and did not commit suicide. Nolan’s prison pal, Javier, also appeared and created a new app then sold it to Daniel and Margeaux to jump start the LeMarchal Media company’s expansion into social media. When Victoria met with Mason Treadwell and made him an offer, he renegotiated with Emily which resulted in her and Aiden breaking him out of prison by faking his death, all so they could get information on another reporter, Oscar Chapman, who had faked his death and then Pascal shot Oscar. Ems had to take on yet another role, of Homeland Security agent, to get Pascal on side and to get him to give them evidence of Conrad’s guilt. Margeaux was named the new CEO of the company when her father said he would be retiring soon and received confirmation of this only hours after a Pascal/Conrad incident in which Conrad pushed Pascal into the rotars of a waiting helicopter on the helipad of the building being used for the launch of Javier’s app. Also, Jack took Stevie back to LA when she started drinking again.

Now for SVU. A couple of key episode reviews were missed but here’s the general gist of each episode. Gridiron Soldier involved Rollins’ old hometown friend coming to town when his son went missing and got arrested for a hate crime after coming to NYC to look at colleges with football scholarships. Eventually, it turns out his son had been assaulted by the guys who were meant to be looking after him at the college recruitment dinner.

Gambler’s Fallacy saw Amanda getting involved in an underground casino and, when she gets ratted out for being a cop by one of the victims from early on in the season, has to take a job in order to pay back the debt and keep her job in the squad. Suspicions arise and when the people she’s taken a job with end up breaking into the house of a patron and rape his wife, suspicions about Amanda’s activities grow especially when the wife tells Amanda one thing and the attending officer something different. In the end, Benson was in on the operation. After Amanda had run into Lieutenant Murphy, also working in the underground casino undercover, she’d become part of that undercover operation and had to tell Olivia but the rest of the squad weren’t to know.

Criminal Stories was Mariska Hargitay’s directing debut and what a debut it was. Featuring Alec Baldwin as a columnist who’s been given total access to the squad’s activities during an investigation into a hate crime rape. Baldwin’s character claimed in his column that the hate crime was a hoax as the victim couldn’t get her story straight. The truth was that she didn’t feel she could tell them everything because what she’d been doing was against her family’s belief/religion. It took a while but Benson managed to get the case back on solid ground.

Downloaded Child was the story of a woman arrested for leaving her young daughter alone in the flat. Olivia suspected that the woman had been abused in her own childhood and it soon came out that her father had been using her to take indecent photo’s and videos and they had been posted on the internet.

Beast’s Obsession and Post-Mortem Blues were kind of one storyline spread over 2 episodes. In the former, William Lewis has broken out of jail and is taunting Olivia by taking a little girl, Amelia, hostage. Lieutenant Murphy from Gambler’s Fallacy returns, this time to act as CO for the squad. Olivia goes to great lengths to stop Lewis from harming the girl, even admitting on a live broadcast to having lied at the trial. Lewis sets up a trap for her to walk into and she does so willingly so she can make sure the Amelia doesn’t get harmed. She’s forced to play Russian Roulette with Lewis and when it comes to the final chamber, the gun is pointing at Benson. In a swift turn of events, Lewis changes hands and holds the gun slightly away from his head, to make it look like Olivia shot him, and pulls the trigger. The story is continued in Post-Mortem Blues and picks up right after Lewis has shot himself. This was probably one of the most frustrating episodes I may have ever seen because it just seemed like everyone wanted it to be that Olivia had shot Lewis and Liv wasn’t having any of it. IAB investigate the death before a Grand Jury hearing is ordered to investigate it further. Murphy saves her skin when he goes in front of the tribunal and tells what he calls the “larger truth”. He asks the jury whether Lewis’ conduct had been brought into question and claims that the “confession” made on TV was ordered by him to lure Lewis out.

Please accept my apologies for the past 5 weeks. I hope I haven’t bored you too much with the reblogs and the admittedly  long paragraphs in this post. Only 3 more episodes of SVU left and only 2 of Revenge. What to watch this summer? That’s the real question. Don’t worry though, like I said, regular posts coming your way.

Enjoy the weekend folks,



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